Last night as I was walking along the beach, a series of events made me stop and sit on a bench while contemplating the beautiful sky and dancing stars.Then all of a sudden I had a profound moment of self revelation that brought out long accumulated tears that I had within me. After sending my letter to President Trump and contacting the Governor of Louisiana and the Director of the World Health Organization via Twitter, I had decided that if no response was received that upon my arrival in New Orleans I was going to go to every network station and hospital until my voice was heard.

However, I have decided to desist from doing so, as I understood that humanity is not ready for this type of knowledge and that the truth would scare those who are not capable of understanding and who are afraid of the unknown. So I will just let destiny and faith decide what will happen to the letter sent to Mr. Trump and will not follow up on it or try to resubmit my request.

I am sorry if my journey has filled your life with sorrow and worries.

I am sorry if my daily decisions make you fear what you think might happen to me.

I am sorry if you feel guilty when you eat while thinking that perhaps I haven’t had anything to eat yet.

I am sorry if it’s hard for you to sleep at night not knowing where I will sleep.

I am sorry for thinking that you don’t care simply because you haven’t reached out to me.

I am sorry for trying to wake you up with the truth when you are not ready to be awakened.

I am sorry for not being able to prove to you that you are an eternal and powerful being with limitless abilities and that if you ever decide to move a mountain that you may do so if you just believe in yourself.

I am sorry if I can’t make you believe in the power of self healing and that pills are designed to keep you sick.

I am sorry for not being able to convince you that fear is the worst disease in the Universe and that you attract what you send out.

I am sorry if I ever sound preachy in my desperate effort to make you remember who you are.

I am sorry if you suddenly became part of this journey without ever asking to be in it.

Right after this message I will be turning off my phone and spend the next few days disconnecting from the world and connecting with my inner self as I understand that there are still open wounds inside of me that need to be healed before my meeting with God.

I will be turning my phone back on upon my arrival in New Orleans. And If you ever want to communicate with me you may do so by sending me energies of love and light. ❤✨

I please ask that you don’t worry about me as I walk by myself but I am never alone. 🎇

Apr 24, 2020, 9:21 AM

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