Graduation Ceremony

The Temple Within

The Temple Within. ✨ (Raw) Having suddenly arrived at the final destination of a Spiritual Journey that started almost nine months ago, it wouldn’t be insane to say that today is literally My Birthday. I have finally made it to my Own Graduation Ceremony where only two have been invited; God & Myself. Just like

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My Soul Family

My Soul Family. 💖 I used to frequently remember my childhood with nothing but pain and sorrow as a clear reflection of the type of life I had. All I ever wanted as a little kid was to play, feel loved and to be happy. But in my house playing was a forbidden act that

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City of Angels

Los Angeles never resonated with me for some reason and I would always wrongly describe it as being a concrete jungle. But God and the Universe were about to prove me wrong once again. This past week due to unexpected and sudden change of plans I was drawn to come to L.A not even really

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