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Place: Aztecas Restaurant & Cantina

A few days ago and before arriving in Alabama, I had decided that I wasn’t going to hitch a ride anymore (at least for now) and that I was going to walk to Louisiana for reasons that will soon be revealed. Almost right after making my decision I found a back support belt laying down flat inside a restroom as if it was waiting for me, and with the full understanding that nothing is an accident I quickly acknowledged that it was a gift from the Universe giving me its full support and a sign that I had made the right decision. So the day after arriving in Alabama I strapped my new back support belt on and walked all day from morning to dawn on a dark road that never seemed to end. My main meal was 2 slices of pizza from the day before and cold water which I later ran out of and was not able to refill due to the fact that there was nothing around. Then I found what appeared to be a perfect place to spend the night in the woods and across from a local church, however sometime in the middle of the night it started to rain and I was forced to move to a new spot right outside the church.

When I woke up I went back to the woods to meditate while connecting with nature, which brought me a lot of peace, then someone from the church approached me and after briefly talking and learning about my journey he tried to give me a $20 bill which once again I kindly declined even though I didn’t have anything left to eat other than my peanuts. At around noon I began walking again and made it to Mississippi, then all of a sudden I saw on the opposite side of the road a guy carrying a backpack just like me, we waved at each other and then we crossed the road to meet halfway, we chatted for a little while and it turned out that his wife had kicked him out and he had no where to stay and no money so he was walking to Alabama (8 to 10 hour away) to stay with some friends. Despite me not having anything else to eat but knowing that I am always taken care of by God and the Universe, I gave him my peanuts and we both continued our journey.

I had also decided that on Monday I was going to once again start a Raw Vegan Diet (uncooked vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds only) in order to reset, cleanse and detoxify my body as for the past 19 days I had been eating all sorts of junk food (mainly pizza) that people had kindly been giving me. So Sunday was basically the last day I had to eat whatever I wanted and I was really craving for some beans and rice. However, after walking for many hours I was not able to find a single restaurant that was open where I could ask for food other than fast food places which only served at their drive thru window due to the Coronavirus. So at around 8:30pm and being a Sunday (a day most places close earlier) I had lost all hope of finding anything to eat whatsoever as once again I seemed to be in the middle of nowhere with nothing around. So I must admit, I was a little sad and disappointed because besides being hungry I truly really wanted some beans and rice. 😔

Then all of a sudden I spotted some lights from far away and boom there was a Mexican restaurant that was still open, so I talked to the manager and told him about my journey and that as a vegan I would be the happiest person in the world if I could just have some beans and rice, he immediately agreed and invited me to have a seat. He came back a few minutes later with  a full order of vegan fajitas, chips and salsa and my beans and rice! 😋

Not only that but he said that I could eat it there if I wanted to. So as I was enjoying my delicious meal I realized that for the past 19 days I had been eating on the floor and that this was my first time dining at a table and on top of everything I was having for dinner what I had long been craving for and that made me feel like a King! 👑

Everything at that precise moment seemed to have been so perfectly orchestrated by divine forces as in saying “never lose faith, always trust no matter what””.

So today (yesterday) turned out to be one the most amazing days of this journey not because I finally got to eat my beans and rice but because of how everything magically unfolded when everything seemed hopeless.

    I am thankful and grateful to Luis Elias Mendoza Quintanilla for the delicious meal and for his kindness. 😊✨

On Monday a new chapter begins for me for many reasons. It’s time to prepare my body and reconnect with Mother Earth with the full understanding that raw fruits and vegetables carry high vibrational frequencies, increase energy levels and have 100 times more nutrients, proteins and enzymes than eating a pizza.

It’s time for me to stop eating like a “King” and start eating like a God. ❤✨

Apr 19, 2020, 11:00 PM

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