(Original transcript of the letter mailed today to President of The United States of America Donald J. Trump.)


Dear President Trump,

My name is Sebastian A. Rojas, citizen of the Universe and Father of an amazing nine-year-old little girl. On April 1st and out of my own free will, I left my home in Miami Beach, Florida, and embarked on a spiritual journey headed to Redwood National and State Parks in California, by foot, with nothing but a backpack, and by my own choice with zero money in my pocket, with the sole intention of finding the tallest tree in the world “The Hyperion Tree” and inducing myself in a deep state of meditation until reaching Enlightenment, just like many other Ascended Masters such as Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, Krishna, Guru Nanak among others. My sole desire for wanting to reach the state of Nirvana is purely out of love for the world and all of its beings and to become one with God.

Humanity is hurting and it needs healing, I feel the pain of the world in every cell of my body, we have destroyed our planet, we kill billions of trees every year and have contaminated the air and the oceans, we slaughter millions of sentient beings everyday to satisfy our own cravings, we kill each other and go to wars at the expense of innocent civilians, many of them women and children who are heartlessly murdered and whom when desperately seeking refuge are denied entry based on “laws” that put human lives below self interest.

   And we have done all of these atrocities to the world and all its beings because we have put money above    everything and everyone.

We have become inhumane and insensitive to each other’s needs, every year more than 9 million people die of hunger and hunger-related diseases; yet, the world spends over $70 billion every year to build and send spaceships to explore our galaxy in search of other Earth-like planets that will host life for humans in the future while we literally kill and destroy our own planet. The world’s budget for military expenditures is $3 trillion per year but we don’t have enough money to feed those who are dying of starvation every single day. We build weapons of mass destruction so that we can wipe out life on Earth in a fraction of a second simply because we don’t agree with each other.

That’s certainly not the world I want for my daughter and I could never look her in the eye and tell her that Daddy didn’t do anything about it.

Every American dollar bill is printed with the following “In God We Trust”, yet, we have turned our back on God by not living by any of its teachings, and by doing so not only have we failed God, we have failed humanity and we have failed ourselves.

I am not a world leader and can not change your laws, but if I could ever do so, I would always put people above everything else. So my only way for bringing a change to the world is by going straight to the source and connecting with our Prime Creator.

My absolute faith in God and the Universe has made me embark on this journey with my eyes closed and despite the daily struggles that I have to go through, I will never stand down as I have a meeting with God. And when that day comes, if I am asked to offer my own life in exchange for the salvation of the world, I would gladly do so in a heartbeat.

Dear President Trump, due to the whole Coronavirus pandemic outbreak that is daily infecting and taking the lives of thousands of people around the world and with millions confined in their homes and not being able to work and who are living in state of fear and are afraid of soon running out of food and not being able to feed their own families, it is my main concern that in countries like the United States people are buying guns as much as they are buying toilet paper in preparation of what it could become a total anarchy where people will start shooting each other over a piece of bread.

And given the fact that the world economy is collapsing and that up until now governments and scientists have unsuccessfully been able to come up with a cure despite the millions of dollars that are being invested by the day in your desperate efforts to finding a solution that will bring things back to “normal”, I have decided to temporarily put my meeting with God briefly on hold and be of service to humanity as I posses the cure for this and every virus and disease in the world.

Therefore, once again out of love for humanity and out of my own free will, I publicly and officially volunteer to be subject to a self-experimentation and give my full consent to being injected and infected with the strongest dose of Covid-19 virus known to man and authorize to being put in quarantine for as long as needed and under 24 hours monitoring and supervision until proven to be disease-free. Only then, I will teach the world how they can also heal themselves and they will soon realize how the antidote to every disease was inside of us all along.

As part of the self-experimentation, I will not be taking any sort of medication and needless to say neither will I be using anything that would be considered to be “illegal”. I will be performing holistic self-healing on myself by applying ancient techniques that I have been able to master throughout the years and that focus on the harmonious and perfect balance of the mind, body, and soul.

Hippocrates, the ancient Greek father of Medicine once said that “The natural healing force within each of us is the greatest force in getting well.”

Self-experimentation has a long and well-documented history in medicine and has contributed to many areas of medical science that we benefit from today. A number of distinguished scientists have indulged in self-experimentation for centuries such as; Werner Forssmann – Nobel Prize 1956 and Barry Marshall – Nobel Prize 2005.

Please note that my only motivation for volunteering to self-experimentation is the altruistic desire to do something of benefit to humanity and that I will not be asking for any sort of compensation, nor will I accept anything in exchange for my services.

Also, for the sake of the experiment, I am willing to be subject to a psychological and physical examination prior to the self-experimentation to ensure that I am in optimum condition physically as well as mentally.

The United States has the largest number of confirmed cases and deaths due to Covid-19 in the world, and Louisiana is the fourth state in the country with the most confirmed cases and fatalities.

At the time of this letter I am currently walking from Alabama to Mississippi and heading to New Orleans, Louisiana. Based on my calculations and predictions I should be arriving in New Orleans by the end of next week and I beg that you take this letter seriously and consider my altruistic request and that you provide me with everything needed so that I can conduct the self-experimentation at my arrival in New Orleans.

Dear President Trump, I might be your only hope when everything else has failed. You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain and it will cost your government and your tax payers zero money. Besides, at the end of the day, how is my life more important than the life of millions of people?

You have the golden opportunity to put an end to this pandemic, to rewrite history, and to give people the chance to regain their normal lives, hoping that we have all learned our lessons and that we go back to normal being a better version of ourselves, caring about one another, and living in harmony with Mother Earth and all its beings.

It is time for humanity to truly honor and live by the phrase “In God We Trust” because if there is something that the world needs now more than ever is to have faith in God.


– Sebastian A. Rojas.

Apr 21, 2020, 5:39 PM

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