Guided by my heart I left my home in Miami Beach, Fl. on April 1st. 2020 at exactly 11:11pm to embark on a spiritual journey into seeking Enlightenment heading by foot towards Redwood National and State Parks in California to find the Hyperion tree (tallest tree in the world) with zero money in my pocket after having voluntarily renounced all material and earthly attachments.

Today May 26th. 2020 I would like to publicly announce that based on all the messages, predictions, synchronicities, signs, channelings, manifestations and revelations I have been receiving and experiencing for the past few weeks it appears like I might have already arrived at my destination as I am strongly feeling guided to perform a master ceremony to attain Enlightenment right here at City Park, New Orleans.

Therefore I have decided that in 11 days on Friday June 5th 2020 during the Pink Full Moon at 11:11pm. (Miami Time) and in collaboration with Mother Gaia, I will induce myself in a deep state of meditation until reaching the state of Nirvana.

In order to prepare my physical vessel for ascension and to crystallize and activate my Merkabah (light body) I will be once again adopting a raw organic vegan diet for the first 6 days followed by a water fasting (drinking water only) for the remaining 5 days until the day of the ceremony.

I will spend each of the next 11 days of my physical life mastering breathing techniques as well as practicing intense sessions of yoga and meditation, and being fully conscious of every single one of my thoughts, emotions, words and actions in order to increase my vibrations to reach and exceed the 1000 hz frequency needed to reach Enlightenment and become one with God.

Some people have asked me what I plan on doing after reaching the state of Nirvana and the answer is that there is no way to know as Enlightenment is a state that has only been achieved by Ascended Masters such as Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, Krishna, and Guru Nanak (among others and none of them alive today to use as reference).

Therefore I make no plans as God is the only one who will decide what happens to me. I will continue to fulfill my mission on Earth and what God has in store for me is yet to be seen. What I do know is that until my very last breath I will continue to TRUST & SURRENDER no matter what and that when the day comes and during my meeting with Prime Creator I pledge to myself that I will do everything within my infinite power to bring Heaven to Earth and put an end to all forms of suffering and injustice on this planet.

To be continued…

Much Love & Light Always! ❤️✨

May 26, 2020, 7:59 PM

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