God makes no mistakes!

Place: Bakersfield, California.

God makes no mistakes! ✨

Sometime during my last night in Napa, (only a few hours away from the Hyperion Tree) before heading to San Diego to start preparing the final details of what was supposed to be my reunion with one of my mothers at the US-Mexico border before heading back to Northern California, to intern myself into the deep forest of Redwood National and States Park determined to find the tallest tree in the world and perform a master ceremony on December 21st, 2020. God revealed to me through one of its angels that “I was never going to make it”.

As eager and excited as I was to conduct my Graduation Ceremony by the Hyperion Tree, I quickly understood that in fact the mission seemed almost impossible due to many factors that were outside of my control. The main one being that due to the pandemic many parks in California have very restricted access and schedules not allowing overnight stays or camping which created a situation as the location of the tree is unknown and in addition to the freezing temperatures in the area.

Not having the necessary gear or training for a mission of that magnitude and with so little time left I was forced to start looking for other alternatives.
So I decided to change plans and switch locations and hold my ceremony by the oldest tree in the world which had a biblical name; “Methuselah” said to be almost 5,000 years old (older than brother Jesus and Buddha).

The location quickly started resonating with me as it was much closer to San Diego and it would have given me a little more time to prepare for what I thought would be my new destination.

However, as well as the Hyperion tree the location of Methuselah was also kept secret from the public, somewhere in the White Mountains of Enyo National Forest, northeast of Bakersfield, California where I happened to have relatives who I hadn’t seen in years and to whom I immediately reached out letting them know that I was going to be in the area passing through and that I would love to see them before continuing my journey.

A few hours later upon my sudden visit, I was warmly welcomed by my family as if they had been waiting for me for years. As soon as I got to my aunt’s house she grabbed my arm and walked me to a room and said with a very sweet but commanding voice “you will sleep here” as in saying you are not going anywhere!

Besides my auntie I was also greeted by my cousin and my beautiful niece and nephew. The connection with them
was instant but specially with those two little angels perhaps because deep down one reminded me of me as a child and the little girl reminded me of my daughter Penélope.

They offered to come with me the following day to Enyo National Forest to gather as much information as possible about the tree and its hidden location.
The next day as we were driving through amazing landscapes and scenery, I could see and sense their excitement, they would constantly thank me for the road trip where we got to visit an authentic Native American Indian Reservation, and made it all the way up to mountains that reached 7,000 feet above sea level and where Joshua and Gaby got to see and play in the snow for the first time in their lives.

Seeing my little niece, nephew and cousin playing and building a snowman while my auntie watched from the car emotionally overwhelmed by all of the magical moments and who with a soft and broken voice asked “where have you been all this time?” it’s something that touched me deep inside the heart and made me realize that the trip had nothing to do with finding Methuselah but that it was all about them and I was honored to be part of it.

The next day as I was planning to continue my journey to San Diego while offering car detailing services along the way to pay for my daily expenses and my mother’s trip to Mexico. My family asked me to stay but time for me was running short and I could not afford another day without moving forward in preparation for my Graduation Ceremony and what I thought would be my mother’s visit.

However, when I went to hug my niece I picked her up in my arms like I would normally do with my daughter Penélope, and as I was putting her down she whispered while looking down “wow, it’s been so long since someone picks me up”.

That single moment made me changed all of my plans because I understood that her little heart was bleeding due to all the painful circumstances that she’s been through despite her young age and that all she wanted was to feel loved and be a kid.

I asked my niece to make a wish list of things that will maker happy and that we would try to fulfill as many as possible, when she brought me the list, I was moved to see that most of the things she wanted required very little to zero money, she never asked for the latest iPhone, a laptop or the Malibu Barbie House. All she asked for were little things that would make her smile and feel happy.

“Mi Gabicita” as I call her became my main priority and I could not leave her without fulfilling her wishes. I understood that God had brought me here for a reason and that once again in my life I was exactly where I was supposed to be.

✡ בן האלוהים.

Dec 20, 2020, 3:49 PM

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