Graduation Ceremony

“Graduation Ceremony” 🌲♾ 

(Status Update).

As I always state, nothing is ever an accident or a coincidence. I came to San Francisco, CA. following an inner calling within my heart after being drawn and guided to complete what I had started on April 1st, 2020 when I embarked on a Spiritual Journey to seek God.

Ever since I arrived in California, the synchronicities, numerology, divine messages, and cosmic alignments seem to be following me everywhere I go as a confirmation that I am exactly where I am supposed to be.

Despite being only a few hours away from Redwood National and State Parks, home to the tallest tree in the world, the Hyperion tree. I have decided to put what I am calling my “Graduation Ceremony” on hold until December 21st, 2020 when I will perform a master meditation/prayer and finally be able to fulfill my mission. The reason for this is because on that specific date the following cosmic events are expected to simultaneously

    take place..

  •  Jupiter – Saturn’s Great Conjunction. ✨

During the “great conjunction”, the two planets will form a “double planet,” appearing just a tenth of a degree apart — or about the thickness of a dime at arm’s length. Astronomers are calling this phenomenon the “greatest” great conjunction, as the planets haven’t been this close together and visible from earth since 1623.

  •  Winter’s Solstice. ✨

The astronomical moment when the Sun reaches the Tropic of Capricorn, we have our shortest day and longest night of the year in the Northern Hemisphere in terms of daylight.

  • Age of Aquarius. ✨

A name for the approximately 2,000 year astrological cycle that starts a new age on Earth. It’s an era of brotherly love, humanitarianism, ideals, peace, visionary spirituality, technology, and science.

  • Mayan Calendar. ✨

According to the Mayan Gregorian calendar December 21st, 2020 marks an end of a cycle and a beginning of a new era.

In the meantime, I will be spending my time in CA. day by day touching and activating as many hearts as possible and raising the vibration of the Earth in preparation for “The Event”.

Much Love & Light. 💖

✡ בן האלוהים.

Dec 11, 2020, 7:14 AM

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