Graduation Day

Place: Miami International Airport

Graduation Day. 🎓🌲✨

On April 1st, 2020 I embarked on a spiritual journey walking from Miami to California with zero money by my own choice, to find the Hyperion tree (the tallest tree in the world) and to perform a master meditation until reaching the state of Nirvana and becoming one with God.

After almost 3 months of living the homeless life, my journey came to an unexpected end when during a deep state of meditation at City Park in New Orleans, LA. it was revealed that I had reached my destination and that it was time to return home.

Ever since I reentered the Matrix my life has been a roller coaster of experiences and emotions, some good and not so good which have given me the golden opportunity to apply all the knowledge, wisdom, and understanding obtained during my journey into seeking Enlightenment.

I can not say that it’s been easy, on the contrary, it seems as if the life lessons get a lot harder as one evolves. Often times I felt as being in a middle of a cosmic storm where the forces of the Universe smack you with all its power and no matter how hard I’ve tried to remain standing and walk through the storm, I’ve still gotten knocked down once or twice, but no matter how painful the experiences may be, I’ve also learned to accept and purge as much as needed to quickly get back up and keep on moving forward.

I’ve discovered that I get the strength and harmony I need by tuning in to God’s frequency which is something that I’ve been practicing on mastering for the past few months of my life and which has helped me immensely to regain my perfect balance despite difficult situations.

I am being guided once again to make it to California to complete what I started on April 1st, and to find the Hyperion tree located north of San Francisco and finally be able to fulfill my mission.

Despite the evolution of my soul, I am well aware that I still have not yet reached my highest level of consciousness and become my Highest Self.

However, I do feel that I have been training for this moment my entire existence and that the time for my graduation has finally come.

I honestly have no clue about what exactly will happen in San Francisco, but I do strongly feel in my heart that it will be magical and epic and I can’t wait to finally be able to connect with the energies of the city and see what God and the Universe have reserved for me.

Once again.. I bring no plans, blueprints, or expectations. All I know is that now more than ever my faith in our Creator is absolute and I know that things will naturally unfold in my favor and that I will be exactly where I am meant to be because my heart is my gps and I choose to always follow my heart (love) and not my mind (fear).

✡ בן האלוהים.

Dec 5, 2020, 11:23 AM

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