The official motto of The United States of America is “In God we trust”, the same motto is printed on the back of every american paper currency since 1957.

A statue of Moses holding God’s Ten Commandments is displayed at the U.S. Supreme Court as well as in the U.S. Capitol in Washington D.C, as the only center figure among dozens of historical politicians such as George Washington and Abraham Lincoln to name a few.

Despite claiming to trust in God and to live by His laws, The United States of America openly dishonors one of God’s Commandments “Thou shalt not kill” by having legalized abortion and executing citizens through death penalty.

Any nation that willingly violates God’s will and acts against His creation, clearly does not represent the Light and is not exactly serving God but His counterpart the Devil. (Basic math).

Yet, despite living in a nation that falsely preaches to trust in God and therefore acknowledges the existence of the Almighty to be above everyone and everything, I am being persecuted for applying those very same principles of absolute faith in our Creator.

I am being judged and punished for following the teachings of brother Jesus and for having left everything to seek God at His very own request. Isn’t it written in the Scriptures in Matthew 19:21 and Luke 14:33 that in order to reach salvation and eternal life one must leave everything for God?

I was “ordered” to undergo a psychological exam because I speak of Quantum Physics like the power of the mind, self-healing and being in absolute control of our own feelings and emotions. Didn’t brother Buddha teach us that “nothing exists unless we create it in our mind first” over 2,500 years ago when he reached the state of Nirvana?

The “crimes” of which I am being accused of are for having followed the footsteps and teachings of two of the greatest men to have ever existed on Earth;

Buddha who came to teach us about the power that each of us possess and Jesus who taught us everything that God expects from us.

If these are the moral charges against me then I confess to be guilty of having unlocked my own “Da Vinci Code” and of successfully having completed the puzzle of my very own creation.

I am guilty of no longer being asleep and programmed and able to see how Darkness imprisoned our minds and calcified our hearts.

We have reached a very sad level of self denial, many don’t have the smallest interest in wanting to know who they are or why they are here. It saddens me to see the lack of basic desire to want to learn about one’s own self.

The reason for our failure as a society is that we wrongly go around trying to conquer the world without having conquered ourselves first.

I have what attorneys would call “A conflict of interest” on one hand there is a System which as it’s been established does not represent the Light and on my right hand there is God commanding me to serve Him 24/7 .

My question is; did Abraham, Moses or Noah ever questioned God when commanded to do things for Him? Didn’t they devote themselves to obey and fulfill God’s will despite the consequences?

How is my case any different? I have been appointed by God to serve Him and to blow the trumpet and deliver what could be His final warning to Humanity.

I have seen what is coming to Earth, the End Times/The Event is literally around the corner and God’s arrival is imminent.

I will continue to heal the world and people from within, I will continue to preach a message of Love with my actions hoping to become a catalyst that will activate people’s hearts. I’ve made it my personal task to awaken as many souls as possible through the Power of Love before the sound of the 7th trumpet and the beginning of judgment.

The injustice being done to me is the same injustice inflicted to others, my “standoff” is not against flesh and blood but against Darkness represented by the System. They can try to silence and punish me but I will not kneel down to them because I serve only God and no laws are above the Laws of God.

As a warrior of God I will draw and use the Sword of the Holy Spirit to stand against all sorts of injustice and oppression done to any of my brothers and sisters, I will show no mercy when using the Word of God to expose and defeat those who choose to serve Darkness.

The System fails to understand that one of the wonders of having reached a higher level of consciousness is the full understanding that I am in absolute control and that nothing they do have any effect on me, problems and worries only exist in the head and feelings like pain and suffering are the result of a broken soul with many open wounds generally originated during our childhood.

As my own powerful being I choose to see everything as part of the experience and a golden opportunity to represent God and stand up to Darkness in the grand finale between Good vs. Evil.

“If God is for us, who can be against us”. – Romans 8:31

✡ בן האלוהים

Oct 13, 2020, 3:53 PM

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