Mobile, Alabama

Place: Mobile, Alabama

Yesterday a very sweet lady who had seen me meditating outside a truck stop in Tallahassee was so touched by my story that ended up buying me a huge cheese pizza, then shortly after that a truck driver who also happened to be from Miami and who was going to Texas agreed to take me to a little town in Alabama, just outside of Florida and saved me 16 days of walking. As usual he asked what I was doing and I simply told him that I was on a spiritual journey going to California to meet God. Which is something that I’ve started doing as I understand that most people are not capable of comprehending what the word Enlightenment or Nirvana means and also to avoid entering into religious misunderstandings that might offend their beliefs, so I now try to keep it as simple as possible. However, it shocked me to hear him say “Please, when you meet God don’t forget about us! humanity has destroyed Earth and I don’t want for my daughter to live in a world like this when she grows up” he then continued saying “we have deforested this planet, we kill and extinguish innocent animals everyday and we have become slaves who all we do is work, and we do all of that for money, we deserve everything that is happening in the world right now”. I was so moved by his words because that’s exactly the reason why I have embarked on this journey and it was like seeing me in a mirror and having a conversation with myself. Once we got to where he was going to drop me off (another truck stop) he kindly offered to buy me food and pay so that I could take a shower, which I gratefully accepted as I love taking long hot showers while meditating. 😊

Soon after taking a shower and fixing myself up a little, I sat outside the gas station to talk to my daughter and post updates on social media, then late at night as I was getting ready to leave and try to find a local church to spend the night at, I went to use the bathroom one last time and to get some hot water to make myself some tea that my son’s girlfriend had kindly given to me while in Tampa. When I came out of the bathroom there was this girl literally waiting for me to come out and handed me a bag of food that she had just purchased for me. I was shocked and stood there with my mouth open trying to understand why she was doing that as it is not like I am walking around with a sign saying “feed me, I am hungry” neither am I asking anyone for money. So I just stuttered and asked “why?” And she said.. “I don’t know, I just saw you sitting outside and I don’t know what your story is but I just felt like buying you food”. Then she left and when I looked inside the bag she had bought me a snack and two turkey ham and cheese sandwiches (which I wasn’t going to be able to eat since I am a vegan/vegetarian) but the fact that she did that meant the world to me because it came from her heart.

Ever since I left my home in Miami Beach, everyday has been a blessing full of stories that I will remember forever, some good and some not so pleasant but I’ve learned to always look at the bright side and to find beauty in everything despite the situation or the outcome. Everyday I meet so many beautiful people with amazing hearts and I am well aware that this is only the beginning.

And finally to Amanis Diaz, rest assure my brother that I am doing this for my daughter as much as I am doing it for your daughter and all of humanity.

I love you all! ❤✨

Apr 18, 2020, 3:12 PM

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