My Connection – Disconnection 1/5

“My Connection – Disconnection”

Part 1 of 5.

After my sudden and deep moment of self revelation on April 23rd while contemplating the beautiful sky and dancing stars right by the ocean, I decided to do something that I have always been drawn to do.. To spend the night sleeping on the beach. And I must say that despite getting a little wet in the morning and being woken up by mosquitos, overall it was an amazing experience that I will always remember.

Even Though it was still very early and being physically drained from the day before, I could not go back to sleep so I got up and started walking for a few hours until I got really tired, hungry and my feet and knee began hurting a lot, but as much as I wanted to stop and rest, I had also ran out of water and I was very thirsty. So I kept on walking hoping to find a gas station where I could refill my water bottle. Just as I began feeling very discouraged because my GPS showed that the nearest gas station was 45 minutes away from where I was, all of a sudden I unexpectedly arrived in a small town full of businesses, gas stations and restaurants. So after getting some water, I also found a place to clean myself up a little and wash off all the sand from my body. And since the night before I had decided (among many things) to no longer pursue my decision of being subject to a self-experimentation with Covid-19 for reasons I have already explained. I felt that I no longer needed to strict myself to an all raw vegan diet as I was only doing it to prepare my body with live food that will boost and shield my immune system in preparation for the “experiment”, as a raw organic vegan diet is the best medicine that we can put in our body to help prevent and cure any disease. But given the fact that I could not be in healthier condition and that I am already immune to everything, I decided that I was going to continue with my regular vegan/vegetarian diet for now as being a raw vegan with zero money in your pocket and relying on what people kindly offer you to eat was making everything a bit more difficult for me. So after enjoying a delicious vegetable lo mein that a very kind restaurant owner fixed for me, I unsuccessfully tried to continue walking but my body was physically destroyed and I could not take another step as it felt like my whole system was shutting down, so I began looking for a local church where I could rest and take a nap but was not able to find a single one around. Then I spotted a local business that appeared to be closed, so I rolled out my sleeping bag and completely passed out right away.

About 30 minutes later I heard a voice asking if I was ok, and while I was still trying to regain full consciousness, she then said to me, “It’s ok, you don’t have to move, I am just going to go inside to grab something” and she then literally walked over me. lol

I started thinking to myself that she was taking the whole thing way too well and that perhaps she was already calling the police as I was literally sleeping right outside her business. However, a few minutes later when she came out she kindly offered me a bottle of cold water and asked me if I wanted to stay inside. I could not believe what was happening and was not able to articulate a single word other than “really?” Then she just looked at me and said with a very soft tone “You are not going to steal from me, are you?” I was not offended at all by her questions, doubts and fears. If anything I was moved by the tone of her voice and expression she had on her face while saying that to me, it was as if she had been hurt, betrayed and screwed over many times before but yet there she was trusting a complete stranger for whom she felt nothing but compassion. My answer to her was.. “I promise you that if anything you will receive nothing but blessings”. We then walked inside and she showed me around while saying “you can stay here for as long as you need and you can use whatever you want”. Shortly after that she left me there all by myself. Needless to say the first thing I did was to fall asleep on one of her sofas, then in between naps I would get up and eat everything that I could find in the fridge and cabinets and go right back to sleep. It really felt like being a little kid in Disneyworld. Having a soft place to sleep on and food to eat was like a dream I never wanted to wake up from.

The next day after finishing a whole homemade pound cake for breakfast that I found in the fridge and doing a special meditation, I began getting my things ready so that I could continue my journey, but just before I was ready to leave, Dawn (the shop owner) came and had brought me a delicious vegetarian asian roll that her mom had purchased at a local farmers market. We talked and I learned how she had been struggling ever since Hurricane Katrina wiped away her home and how she literally lost everything and now that things had just started to get a little better she was forced to close her business due to Covid-19. Which explained the expression on her face and tone of her voice a day before when she asked me if I was going to steal from her. She was a person who had lost it all more than once and there she was putting everything she owned at risk and in the hands of someone she had just met.

After telling her that it would take me 3 days to get to New Orleans, she ended up offering to get me as close as she could and after 45 minutes of driving she brought me right to the Mississippi – Louisiana border and saved me two and a half days of walking (in what I found out later to be) areas full of alligators and snakes.

She has certainly become the highlight of my journey so far because up until before meeting her, I had only dreamed of having someone inviting me into their home. But she did so much more than that by trusting me and allowing me to stay there all by myself with everything she had left after losing it all.

Whenever I would say to her in gratitude for everything she had done “you are such an angel” her answer would always be “takes one to meet one”.

Needless to say I feel so fortunate for having had the honor and privilege of meeting such an amazing Earth Angel and the huge impact she had in my life. 😇❤✨

Apr 28, 2020, 7:41 PM

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