My Connection – Disconnection 3/5

“My Connection – Disconnection”

Part 3 of 5

The main reason why I decided to come to New Orleans was because I was drawn to be here, it was never part of my original plan when I left my home in Miami Beach on April 1st. I simply felt the urge to be here as I was getting closer to Alabama from Pasco County in Florida. I thought it had to do with the coronavirus pandemic given the fact that Louisiana was the 4th state in the whole country with the highest rate of people infected, and that perhaps I needed to be here to help people heal. (which is why I volunteered to be subject to a self-experimentation with Covid-19).

However, as soon as I arrived in New Orleans all I wanted to do was leave and never come back again. Mainly because immediately upon my arrival I was slapped with nothing but extreme poverty and low vibrational frequencies. The energies here were dense and many of the people looked angry, intimidating and like they had just been released from prison.

My friend Dawn had warned me about New Orleans and told me to be careful as I was about to cross pretty dangerous areas as I emerged deeper into the city, but my answer to her would always be “to not worry about me because I am walking with God”.

After being dropped off my Dawn at the Mississippi – Louisiana border I found out that there was a bus that could take me straight to Downtown and save me 3 hours of walking. But me being the adventurous, stubborn and fearless person that I am, I decided that instead of getting on the bus I was going to walk to Downtown even if it meant going through the most dangerous neighborhoods in town. So rather than trying to not draw too much attention, instead I pulled out my Blue Andean Opal Crystal necklace and wore outside my t-shirt and walked as if I was the baddest kid in town.

So in fact just like my friend Dawn had anticipated the deeper I got into the city the more dangerous it appeared to be. After a few hours of walking it started raining and only then I decided to get on a bus. However my plans had slightly changed and I had decided to not go to Downtown that day anymore and instead I was going to try to make it to a Buddhist temple that I wanted to visit that was on the other side of town. (Which I did end up making it to as narrated in my previous post “Part 2 of 5”).

So the next day after my amazing experience at the Buddhist temple I decided to go to Downtown and scout the area and look for a safe place to spend the night. But Downtown turned out to be much worse than the rest of the city, It was as being trapped between two worlds, on one hand tons of homeless people, on drugs, talking to themselves and drunk out of their minds and on the other side the “normal ones” who as soon as they saw you carrying a backpack (based on the way they looked at you) it was as if to them you were nothing but a scam bag. I didn’t like being there one bit and kept saying to myself that I would never go through another main city during my journey again as I had spent the last 3 weeks of my life filled with beautiful stories and meeting amazing people while crossing their little towns.

Yet, being in New Orleans reminded me of places like NYC and Miami where the rich live right next to the poor and nobody seems to give a shit about anyone but themselves. Every time I would try to ask for directions people would be rude, if I went to a gas station to ask for water people would be rude, if I rode on the bus people would be rude, it was as if the whole town was covered with a blanket of dark energies.

All of a sudden I started seeing another set of angelic numbers 444 which helped me calm down and made me decide that I was going to hop on any bus and go as far away as possible as I didn’t want to be there for another second.

The bus took me to the other part of town which was another shitty neighborhood but at least I felt more at peace there than I did in Downtown. I began getting a little concerned about where I was going to sleep as everything seemed unsafe but as usual God and the Universe got my back and all of a sudden right in the middle of the ghetto there was a majestic abandoned catholic church surrounded by green areas, plus a stunning view of the moon and the stars beautifully decorating the night sky.

So before rolling out my sleeping bag I went to a coffee shop to see if I could get something to eat and the staff there was so sweet that they ended up giving me a full bag of donuts enough to feed many people. After stuffing my face with as many donuts as I wanted, I saved the rest for the following day and went to sleep right next to a tree.

As I was lying down I started thinking to myself that I had come to New Orleans for a reason and that reason was certainly not to criticize and to complain, and that I needed to practice what I always preach and teach my daughter.. “If someone is mean, rude or hurtful to us, what we have to do is to send and give that person much more love because it means that they are broken inside and they need healing”.

So I went to sleep determined that the next day was going to be different and that I was going to change my attitude and perspective towards what had been my experience so far in New Orleans and that I was going to raise my vibrations as high as I could and pump love into the city with every single one of my breath.

I made it my personal mission to make as many people smile as possible despite their attitude or behavior towards me. Finally my plan was to end the day by doing a master meditation for the whole city of New Orleans at City Park, a place that Master Jo had recommended which he said had trees that were many hundreds of years old, and that automatically resonated with me.

So the next day as soon as I woke up around 7am, I grabbed my backpack and my remaining donuts and hit the road, as I was walking to the bus station I spotted a group of homeless people seating under a bridge, they were all staring at me and I was staring at them thinking to myself whether I should offer them some of my donuts, then all of a sudden the only girl in the group raised her hand and waved at me with a smile, so I crossed the road and walked up to them and offered them my donuts which they gratefully accepted. Despite the fact that one or two of them were drinking alcohol so early in the morning I didn’t sense any negative vibes coming from them, on the contrary they were very friendly and made me feel welcomed right away.

The oldest person in the group introduced himself to me as “The Wolf” and then he said “this is my daughter” in reference to the girl who had waved at me and who was reading a book that appeared to be about spirituality.

“My name is Margorelette” she said and invited me to seat on the ground while spreading her arms and saying to me with a tender voice and a beautiful smile “this is our home, and you are welcome to stay”.

Even though I was instantly stunned by her beauty, what really hit me in the heart was to see that in fact that bridge was indeed their home and that despite not having anything else they seemed so happy, perhaps because they had each other and that’s all that they needed to be at peace with themselves.

During that brief but profound moment The Wolf, his beautiful daughter and the rest of the “pack” taught me many great lessons that quickly revealed that the reason why I had come to New Orleans was not what I had thought it was and that God, the Universe and Mother Earth had other plans for me.

The final outcome will be shared (only after I leave this magical place) in Chapter 5 of what I have called

“My Connection – Disconnection”

May 1, 2020, 4:18 PM

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