My Connection – Disconnection 4/5

“My Connection – Disconnection”

Part 4 of 5

Place: City Park, LA.

(Liberation from Limitation)

About two weeks ago I arrived in New Orleans and as stated in my previous posts, the first thing I wanted to do as soon as I arrived was to leave and never come back. The energies felt dense and people appeared to be unpleasantly rude. After three days since my arrival, on  Monday, April 27th I came to do a final special meditation for the whole city of New Orleans at City Park, home of the oldest tree in the city (800 years old)

The plan was to spend a few hours here connecting with Mother Gaia and then to continue my journey heading west towards Texas. But for reasons that only now I am beginning to understand, ever since I arrived in this magical place I have not been able to leave and it’s been nothing but a roller coaster of learning experiences sparked by random moments of pure magic.

During the past two weeks I’ve met wonderful people from all over, who have “adopted” me and made me their family. Many of them are homeless but despite not having much to offer they offer it all and their hearts are so immensely big that one feels humble and honored when being in their presence. By co-existing with them I’ve learned the true meaning of the word UNITY. It never ceases to amaze me how united they are and how they always share absolutely everything they have even when they don’t know the person (which was clearly my case).

Yesterday my galactic sister Jen received her food stamps (one she gets every 3 month) with $190 in balance and her first reaction was to euphorically ask everyone out loud what they wanted to have for dinner. She then went to the supermarket and brought food, soda, beer and dessert for everyone who was there, but the noblest moment was when she grabbed some of the food and started passing it around non-homeless persons that were also at the park and she would do it with nothing but a joyful smile on her face.

That night Jen spent a third of all of the money she had knowing that it would be 3 month until she received her food stamps again. Yet, a few times as we were eating and drinking she would look at us and say “money doesn’t matter, what matters are the memories, we are family!”

Ever since I arrived in this Enchanted Forest I feel like I am becoming one with Mother Earth, she has become my home, it has given me shelter, it has given me love and it has shared with me true divine knowledge. And as much as I wish I could be able to shout out loud this information to everyone in the whole world, I’ve learned that some things are better left unsaid when they are outside of the comprehension of the programmed human mind.

It’s been a while since my last post and the honest reason is that I simply didn’t want to post anything as the past two weeks have been all about me and when I ironically thought I was coming to New Orleans to bring healing I never imagined that it was me who was going to be healed.

Despite mostly learning to be at peace with myself and with the world. I’ve had moments where everything seems to suddenly hit me in the head with a hammer of negative thoughts and fears making me question everything that I am doing and ask myself..

Why am I sleeping at a park?; Why am I “begging” for food?; What am I doing here?; Why did I put myself through this when in my old “life” in Miami Beach at least I was able to see, hug and kiss my daughter every two weeks and I was very eager to start making money with my recently launched App as it had the potential of making millions of dollars in revenue?

Why did I suddenly renounce everything and everyone to embark on a spiritual journey with zero dollars in my pocket? Why don’t I turn around and go back to my old life? And as much as sometimes I would love to be able to close my eyes and wake up in Miami back to when we were all living together (Sarita, Penélope and my kitten Chiara) which have been by far the best days of my life.

   But The absolute truth is that I am no longer in control, I am on “gliding mode” and God is the one making all the  decisions, I simply TRUST and SURRENDER.

I’ve tried to leave New Orleans on at least 3 occasions and every single time something unexpectedly ends up happening, “forcing” me to stay. I now understand that I am being guided to temporarily put a pause in my journey until feeling that it is time to continue.

As I am learning to increase my vibrations by not allowing myself to live in a state of grief and fear. I’ve decided to release resistance, because when I resist I put blockages in front of me stopping miracles from unfolding the way they are meant to happen, changing the course of my life and making me go through unnecessary difficult situations.

So for the past few days I’ve been practicing what I am calling “Liberation from Limitation”

I will now accept everything as they come and will no longer live by the “I will never do this or I will never do that” and I will also gratefully accept anything that is given to me with love.

If someone offers me a ride and I am tired of walking, I will accept the ride and if they happen to be going straight to California but I feel like being dropped off two miles down the road I will do so as well. Because I’ve always understood that is not about how fast I get to California (if that was the case I would have taken a plane straight from Miami). But as someone wisely said to me recently..”it’s all about the journey not the destination”.

If someone offers me money, I will gratefully accept the money, because I now understand that it is not money that destroyed humanity, it was humans who destroyed humanity blinded by their greed. And just like humans can choose to use money to destroy, I can choose to use money to heal and I will always choose to share everything I have with the whole world because that’s the true meaning of UNITY.

If someone offers me a beer and a joint and I feel like it, I will drink the beer and I will smoke the joint because I’ve also learned that I am a limitless being and I can be have and do anything I want without the guilt of restrictions and limitations set by society and adopted as acceptable by our subconscious minds.

If someone offers me a chicken I will accept it, I will eat it and I will enjoy it with the full understanding that the chicken that I am about to put in my body, gave up its life so that I can have that meal and I will honor, thank and bless that innocent being for its love and sacrifice. 

Among many things New Orleans has also taught me to never judge a book by its cover. This place has certainly brought a lot of personal healing in me and many of my open wounds have started to finally close.

I don’t know how much longer I will be here or when I will leave. All I can say is that I am exactly where I need to   be. ❤✨

May 10, 2020, 10:17 PM

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