My Return To Miami, Fl.

My Return To Miami, Fl. 🌴☀️

On Thursday, June 18th, 2020 after 3 days of being stranded at truck stops between Central Florida and Tampa without being able to find a single truck driver heading south towards Miami. I was physically worn out due to lack of proper sleep for the past several days making my body and mind feeling very weak.

Late at night I decided to go find a local church to get some sleep, recharge and come up with a new strategy for the following day. According to Google there was a church very close by from where I was. But when I got there the church was gated and patrolled by private guards as if it was some sort of financial institution or government facility.

So I had no choice but to keep on walking between dark and run-down neighborhoods guided only by my intuition as I had no access to the internet on my phone and there was no way to check where I was actually going. About 40 minutes later I was finally able to find another church hidden in the middle of a residential area. And even though I was extremely tired, I decided to do a special meditation and open myself up to receive channeling as I wanted to know if there was a specific reason why I was still not able to return home.

    The connection was instant and without getting into further details, all I can say is that it turned out to be a very      magical night full of knowledge and understanding bringing perfect closure to this amazing journey. 😊✨

On Friday, I woke up early as usual and had decided that I was not going to continue trying to hitchhike my way back to Miami and that instead I was going to seek help from a local church and see if they would be willing to get me a bus ticket back home. So I walked back to the first church I had passed by the night before (the gated one) as the church where I had spent the night didn’t open for another hour.

Upon my arrival I rang the bell and requested to speak to someone there. Shortly after a man in a fancy golf cart accompanied by a security guard (who looked more like a Sheriff based on all the gear he had on) pulled up and made a gesture with his hand as in saying “you come to me”.

So I politely introduced myself and began telling him my story of how I left everything to find God (Enlightenment) after having renounced all earthly attachments just like Buddha did. The second I mentioned Buddha his face frowned and he rudely interrupted me asking me to get right to the point. Sensing his low vibrational frequencies, I respectfully told him that if he was busy that I didn’t mind leaving and that I was thankful for having taking the time to see me, but that I was trying to share my story in full so that he understood why I was seeking his help. He then “allowed” me to continue and I finished by telling him that I was not asking for money and that all I needed was help with a bus ticket so that I could return home and see my daughter.

His answer was an immediate NO! Stating that his church was not offering any financial assistance due to Covid-19. (whatever that meant).

But then, rather than asking if there was anything else that he could do for me or if I had eaten at all. Instead, he began questioning my journey and my faith by asking with an authoritarian voice “Who told you to go find God and who talked to you about Buddha?” So I said to him that no one had told me anything and that I just felt the inner calling and made the decision to embark on a journey to seek God guided by nothing but my own heart. He certainly didn’t like my answer and pulled out the #1 speech that many “Christians” love to repeat like trained parrots. He said.. “Do you believe in Jesus? Do you believe that he died for your sins?”

To which I calmly replied.. “I believe in everything! I don’t rule anything out. However, I did not come here to be saved, as I am already saved. And I am really glad that you mentioned Jesus because I now have a question for you..”, “What would you do if I was Jesus himself asking you for help?” And I must admit that it was very satisfying to watch him stutter while trying to articulate an answer. Finally after stumbling with his own words he managed to reply by saying “Well, if it was Jesus then I would help him, indeed”.. Without even giving him time to breathe I immediately asked “Why? Because he is the Son of God?” And with a look of satisfaction on his face while inflating his chest with pride.. “Of course!” he replied.

So after successfully tricking him into giving me the answer I was waiting for, I finished the conversation by saying; “Well.. I am also the Son of God! Thank you so much for your time.” while vowing with my hands before grabbing my things.

He obviously never saw that coming and once again I had managed to make him stutter some more before mumbling “I don’t know about that” as if I had just committed “sacrilege” for having compare myself to Jesus even though his own bible and his own religion refers to God as “Our Father”. And as much as I would have loved to stay and continue exposing him like the narrow minded, religious fanatic, who when given the opportunity chose to have no compassion towards someone in need, I didn’t want to lower my frequencies and dim my light to descend and meet his darkness. So while always smiling, I sent them both love and light and walked away leaving them there trying to figure out what the hell had just happened.

What’s truly sad is that Mr. Charlie, happens to be a Youth Director at First Free Will Baptist Church of Tampa in charge of spreading “divine knowledge” to future disciples, who will become victims of the hypocrisy of those        who falsely claim to represent God.

On a happier note.. I returned to the church where I had slept the night before and they immediately agreed to help and drove me to a Greyhound station in Tampa and paid for my bus ticket without questioning my faith or trying to make me repent for my so-called “sins”.

Next week, I plan on posting the final chapter of what I called; My Connection – Disconnection” Part 5 of 5.

I am still working on a modified speech so that it can be understood by everyone. However, the information is so vast that it would be impossible to summarize everything in one post. So I will share my experience of Self-Realization as it happened, and then each week, I will address a specific topic one by one in separate posts starting with one of my favorite ones of all times.. “Religion”. 😊

Much Love and Light to you all. ❤️✨

Jun 26, 2020, 8:30 AM

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