Paterson Deep Within My Heart.

As a Citizen of the Universe, I don’t believe in nationalities as they represent division and I stand for unity. However, I acknowledge that Peru is the region where I chose to be geographically born before being incarnated on Earth as part of my life soul contract.

Sadly, throughout my entire life my relationship with the “Land of the Incas” was distant and filled with resentment due to the many unpleasant childhood memories that caused me to reject my heritage and despise my roots.

Paterson, New Jersey, is home to the largest Peruvian community in the world. Who despite having left the “motherland” in search of the “American Dream”, have managed to bring with them a piece of our land by keeping our culture and traditions intact.

Having been able to heal every single one of my soul wounds and fully understanding that all the painful experiences suffered as a child brought great lessons that allowed me to grow and evolve into the person I am today..

I can’t help but feel privileged and honored to have been welcomed by a united community of authentic and loving human beings who from day one have made me feel at home and part of their family.

Te Amo PerĂº!

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