“Siblings Never Fight”

“Siblings Never Fight”

One of the harshest physical punishments we would ever receive from our parents was when we would fight among brothers and sisters. 

As each of us were mercilessly getting beat up, the furiously shouting was always the same.. “siblings never fight!”. However, the paradox of the punishment was to see our parents fight with their own brothers and sisters. 

The contradictory way to “educate us” finally left its mark and now despite the continuous efforts for unity, we as siblings are sadly more disunited than we have ever been. 

For as long as we continue to falsely teach our children that “siblings never fight” while refusing to even speak to our own brothers and sisters, the collective pattern will continue to repeat itself and one day when we are not longer here, we’ll get to helplessly watch with disappointment how we failed to set the right example and only then, we will be able to understand that the real legacy we left our children was not what we so passionately preached with our words but what we taught them with our actions. 

Love You Daddy!

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