Status Update. April 6th.

*Status Update*

I am currently 1 day and 10 hours away from getting to Tampa by foot (1 hour and 36 minute drive). Where I have to reunite with someone very special to me who I’ve never seen before. Yesterday was hectic, I walked the whole day until I got really tired and decided to stop at a gas station to take a break, drink water and wash myself. So as always miracles started happening right away and ended up meeting a very nice gentleman on a wheelchair who without even me asking ended up giving me some pretty fancy military food (the type that comes with its own heating pads and everything). 😊

So after eating a delicious Mushroom Risotto and saving the Vegetable Pasta for today I continued my journey for a few more hours until it started raining and on top of that my back was hurting pretty bad, so I started looking for a safe place to spend the night (once again while being in the middle of nowhere and with nothing around) and even though the situation seemed hopeless I stated repeating to myself “I TRUST & I SURRENDER” and within minutes I found a perfect spot, I ended up spending the night outside a local church, dried, enjoying my delicious cookies from Subway and waking up today to a stunning morning view!

For that and for everything else that is happening in my life I am grateful and I am thankful! ❤🌟

Apr 6, 2020, 9:43 AM

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