*Thanks to my Family and Friends for being there in their own unique way even when not agreeing or understanding my motives. ✨

*Thanks to all the Earth Angels who have blessed me with food, money, gifts and favors. ✨

*Thanks to those who detached from me for teaching me to have no expectations. ✨

*Thanks to those who smile when they see me for sparking their Light. ✨

*Thanks to those who frown for showing me that there is lots of work that needs to be done. ✨

*Thanks to those who support me unconditionally even when I attack their own beliefs. ✨

*Thanks to those who deliberately try to bring me harm for teaching me to turn the other cheek and to always Forgive. ✨

*Thanks to those who were hurtful with their words for showing me to be more tolerant and compassionate. ✨

*Thanks to all the amazing people I met throughout my journey for their Kindness and for sharing their stories with me showing me that I was not the only one with a broken Heart. ✨

*Thanks to those Beings of Light who delivered messages from the Divine through channelings, graphics, and prophecies. ✨

*Thanks to NOLA for teaching me that one must never judge a book by its cover. ✨

*Thanks to City Park for becoming my home during the final phase of my Spiritual Journey and for the many lessons learned. ✨

*Thanks to my Homeless and Non-Homeless Family for adopting me as one of their own and for many times spending their last Dollar on me.✨

*Thanks to Law Enforcement for displaying Compassion towards my story showing me that there is Hope in the World.✨

*Thanks to my Little Princess for the huge sacrifice and for making me want to stand against Injustice.✨

*Thanks to the Millions of viewers on Social Media for allowing me to connect with your loving energies.✨

*Thanks to the person who stole my bike for showing me to always accept God’s Will and that absolute Happiness is based on who I am and not on what I possess. ✨

*Thanks to my beautiful Temple for holding the Light when I found Myself living in Darkness. ✨

*Thanks to those who said “I Don’t Love You!” because it taught me to Love Myself. ✨

*Thanks to my kitty Chiara for the Unconditional Love and for having absorbed all of my negative energies.✨

*Thanks to my Inner Child for taking me back and showing me where the wounds were created. ✨

*Thanks to the World for allowing me to feel its Pain and Suffering. ✨

*Thanks to Humanity for showing me that Respect must also be absolute and that if I wish to be heard I must be respectful with my words. ✨

*Thanks to Mother Earth for pledging to keep me protected at all cost and for its medicine.✨

*Thanks to my Angels for keeping their promise and for all the messages received.✨

*Thanks to the Ascended Masters for the countless hours of channeling and for their guidance, wisdom, and knowledge. ✨

*Thanks to Life itself for the privilege of being where I am today. ✨

*Thanks to the Universe for its full support and the opportunity of a lifetime. ✨

*Thanks to GOD for my creation and very own existence. ✨

*Thanks to Myself for having the courage to walk through Darkness before I could see the Light. ✨

I ❤ You All from the deepest place in my Heart all the way to the center of the Universe and back! 💞

– Sebastian A. Rojas ⚜

Jul 14, 2020, 1:44 PM

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