The “I Love You” Experiment

The “I ❤ You” Experiment. (1.4 Million Views on TikTok)

Inspired by my homeless family who often stand on intersections holding signs asking for help with food and basic needs, I decided to do a little experiment myself and return the love to the people of NOLA (New Orleans, Louisiana). So I came up with a different type of sign, not asking for anything at all but instead to spread love using the most powerful words that can be said to another human being… I wrote and drew on my sign.. “I ❤ You”.

Even though holding a sign in public felt awkward and embarrassing at first it turned out to be a great medicine for me by helping me overcome shyness and pride that was still hidden deep inside stopping me from shining my light. The experiment itself has made me way more humble and confident at the same time as now I am able to stand in front of absolutely anybody in the world no matter who they are without feeling intimidated or embarrassed about what they may or may not think.

I’ve learned to look at “strangers” dead in the eyes and say “I love you” even if they choose to act like they don’t see me or hear me. The experiment has also been very fulfilling to me as I’ve been receiving all sorts of positive reactions from drivers, passengers, pedestrians, police, bikers, etc. Many of them smile, honk, wave, turn around to see me again, draw hearts with their hands, blow kisses, thank me, shout out the window “I love you too!”, and some even hand me money which I gratefully accept and use for my personal needs such as laundry and to buy food, drinks, snacks, etc. that I share with other homeless persons at the park just as they have shared everything they have with me from day one and from whom I have learned the true definition of the word UNITY.

What started off as an experiment turned out to be a beautiful experience because of the exchange of beautiful loving energies as every time before going out there I take a moment to bless and kiss my sign and to fill it with love, then when people offer me money I thank them while placing the money by my heart to bless it and then I use that money to buy things that I later share with everyone creating one big circle of love from start to finish that raises the vibration of the planet and expands the Earth’s electromagnetic field by shifting the negative energies of the world into positive ones.

Two days ago, as I was spreading love by holding my sign right outside City Park, a guy pulled up next to me all excited telling me that he had made a video of me a few days ago and that he had posted it on his social media (TikTok) getting thousands of views, likes, and comments.

This all caught me by surprise because even though I’ve seen a few people taking pictures and recording me, it never crossed my mind that they would end up being uploaded on social media. However, that didn’t bother me one bit and we both decided to make a new short video of each other sharing our encounter.

But what I am sure neither of us ever imagined was that the new video he made of me talking about my spiritual journey would end up receiving over 1 Million views (in just one day) and thousands of comments from users from all over the United States sending me their full support and posting multiple messages saying things like “I love him too!”, “we need more people like him in the world” and “we must protect this man at all cost!”.

Even though social media is something that had stopped being important to me a while back as I never understood how a picture of a half naked girl, people physically fighting or someone falling and getting hurt could literally get thousands of reactions (likes) in a matter of minutes while a picture of a starving child in Africa on the verge of dying would get no attention or compassion whatsoever.

However, I’ve also learned that one must never underestimate the power of planting a seed because you just never know when that seed will grow and bloom in the heart of the people watching, listening, and reading your messages.

Needless to say I am touched, I am grateful and I am truly honored for the 1.4 Million views and for every single one of the messages I took the time to read. And I promise you all that I WILL NOT stand down and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me the final push and strength that I needed to pull this through and fulfill my mission on Earth now more than ever.


May 29, 2020, 12:59 PM

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