The Matrix – Day 1

The Matrix – Day 1

I arrived back in Miami at 9:30pm. at a Greyhound station after members of a local church in Tampa kindly agreed to pay for a bus fare after being stranded at truck stops in Central Florida for 3 days. Shortly after I was picked up by a dear friend.

The first thing I did was to ask him to let me use his phone so that I could call my daughter whom I have not spoken to in over a month as my free google number has been blocked by the mother to “punish me” in nothing but a cruel desire to cause as much pain as possible, not realizing that the only heart she is destroying is the heart of our own daughter. And the reason to so much hate is because for the past 3 month that I’ve been on this journey I stopped giving her almost $700 a month for child support set by a “Judge” as a punishment to me for having according to him “lied” (quote his own words) when I stated that at the time of the hearing I was unemployed as my driver’s account had been deactivated by Uber and which was my only source of income at the time. But rather than being compassionate towards my act of faith in our Creator, I was accused of having abandoned my daughter to go on a cruise enjoying life in the Caribbean while I was literally sleeping on benches and eating outside the trash.

So I called Elizabeth from my friend’s number and told her that I had just arrived in Miami and that I needed to see Penélope and that I also wanted to talk to her privately (without our daughter) to work things out and reach some sort of agreement. I told her that she could bring her husband if she wanted to and that we could meet at a public place or even at a police station as she refuses to provide me with her new home address stating that she “fears for her life”.

Her answer was a flat out NO!. Stating that she was not going to let me see Penélope because she now has a new Dad and that Penélope will be spending Father’s Day with her husband who is her real Father. She then said that everything will be handled in court and decided by a “Judge”. And continued as usual with the verbal attacks and hurtful words for as long as the conversation lasted.

After my unsuccessful attempt to see or speak to my daughter, my friend dropped me off at what is “legally” still my apartment in South Beach. After hugging and kissing my trees and every one of the doors, I entered what had been my loving temple for the past 3 years and where it all started. As soon as I entered I was saddened to see a place messy and uncared for. I missed the smell of incense and the beautiful roses I used to always have and it specially made me nostalgic because days before leaving this place, me and my little princess spent our last 3 days together painting the whole apartment and imprinting it with our energies in preparation for my last master ceremony before embarking on my journey to seek God.

Then, without expectations I entered my room knowing that I had publicly renounced all my earthly belongings and offered all of my things to the world in a Free Giveaway Open House on May 31st. 2020. As soon as I opened the door all I saw was a bed, almost everything else had been taken. I asked how many people had come and I was told that a total of 5 people came during the day of the open house and the day after. I was saddened to see that my final wish had been dishonored by those who came as I had clearly stated on my Facebook post that only 1 item per person was permitted unless it came in a set of 2 such as lamps or night stands. And I didn’t have just 5 items, I left everything I ever owned in this place and my wish was a sincere demonstration of LOVE and UNITY by sharing my earthly belongings with as many people as possible.

Even though it was not expected, sadly not a single donation was received despite also having publicly announced that all the money raised would be used to feed people (homeless and non-homeless) at City Park, New Orleans. as a final act of gratitude to those who showed me the true definition of UNITY. To share everything with the world. Unfortunately none of those who came felt the desire to be part of something so beautiful.

Up until now not a single one of my friends or family members have reached out to say “Congratulations, we are proud of you!”, or simply “Welcome back, we missed you!”. Those who claimed to have not been able to sleep many nights because they were so worried about me, have not even bothered to ask if I have food to eat.

Many are offended by my actions and won’t even speak to me. I am being judged for having betrayed their programmed and limited beliefs. My faith and wisdom seem to bother many and I am rejected by those who claim to love me. I left Miami almost 3 month ago through the back door and returned through the same back door “like a thief in the night” no one ever came to stay “Good Bye” and no one came to say “Welcome Back”.

With the exemption of one person Ana Elizabeth Aguado Camacho who is the only one from whom I’ve received a welcoming message and who has been there along with her family sending me her unconditional love and support throughout this journey playing the role of a loving mother who blindly believed and stood by her son no matter what.

For many it was a lot easier to judge me thinking that Enlightenment meant death rather than to open up a book or do a basic google search to learn for themselves that Enlightenment means absolute knowledge and that is a higher state of consciousness in which one is able to understand everything beginning with the full understanding of oneself.

When a programmed soldier is sent to war to kill other human beings and take lives that do not belong to them as it was created by God. They are welcomed as “heroes” and in many cases awarded with a medal for literally having violated one of God’s ten commandments “Thou Shall Not Kill”.

I have not even been given a sincere hug as people are afraid of coming into physical contact and contracting the so-called “virus”. Once again not understanding that the worst virus in the Universe is FEAR and it lives inside our heads.

When I announced that I was embarking on a spiritual journey into seeking Enlightenment on foot and with zero money, a couple of people offered to pay for a bus ticket to California. However, when I announced my return no one reached out to offer to help with the exemption of one brother who kindly offered to pay for an airline ticket only 12 days after publicly announcing my return, and which I had to kindly decline as I had already accepted my dear friend Dawn’s offer to drive from Mississippi to New Orleans just to pick me up.

I left with zero money and I returned with 2 pennies that Dawn gave me with a beautiful belief that when you do good to others a penny shows up as a sign from the Universe saying “well done!”. She found each penny when she dropped me off in New Orleans and when she brought me back to Mississippi.

Despite having achieved what no other living being has done in the history of mankind other than Ascended Masters. I return to an apartment with an eviction notice, to not being “allowed” to see or be with my daughter not even for Father’s Day, and to the indifference of those who questioned every single one of my actions.

And even though nothing affects my energies and vibrations as I no longer possess a crystal heart which I often wrongly referred to as being fragile, I now possess a heart that’s indestructible like a precious diamond. Because I’ve learned to be in full control of my emotions and my emotions do not rule me. I choose whether I want to feel pain or whether I want to be immune to suffering and I choose immunity.

However it tears my heart to see the illusion of separation that the world lives in and how disconnected we are from everything and everyone including our own selves. Yet, my love towards humanity and those who judge me is unconditional and the only reason why I am still here is because I refuse to leave anyone behind because we are all one and we shall all ascend together.

I must now face the consequences of my altruistic actions and stand before The Matrix represented by the System with the full understanding that I no longer walk alone. I am now one with God and I am protected by the entire Universe and any action against me is a direct action against my Creator because just like Jesus Christ, I am also the Son of God! and there will be consequences to those who attempt to bring me harm because soon the day will come when those who represent darkness will have to stand before Prime Creator and be judged for their actions and all the pain they have caused to others.

They can take away my daughter, they can throw me in jail for centuries, they can deport me, they can hang me in public if they wish to, and I WILL NOT kneel down! I will not obey so-called “laws’” that act against my own free will and that are designed to keep society asleep and in control. The only laws I live by are the laws of the Universe and as the being of Light that I am, I do not vow to Darkness because I serve only God and my faith is absolute. ⚜

“In the grand finale between Good and Evil only LOVE shall triumph. 💗 

Let the game begin..

Jun 20, 2020, 9:16 PM

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