Yesterday my galactic sister Jen asked to use my phone to call her mom, sometime during the conversation Jen told her mom that it was me who let her use the phone, that I was on a spiritual journey and that I was born in Peru.

Her mother who coincidentally happens to be a Shaman told Jen that she was guided to tell me about the prophecy of Pachakuti and that it had to do with the return of an Inka who is said to come to save the world.

   I have always been fascinated by prophecies and have done research on many of them even up until recently, however not once had I ever come across this type of ancient prophecy which brings reassurance to many things that are happening right now.

The prophecy reads as follows:

Like the Mayans, the Incas left behind them a prophecy for the future. These prophecies were made more than 800 years ago by the Inca Pachacutec, who was both a leader and a visionary, a political figure and a priest. Pachacutec was a healer of great power, who healed through touch and who was illuminated from within, making him visible in daylight and the night. He was Master and leader of the four Tawantinsuyu (sections or areas) of the Incan empire. He prophesied many things for humanity and the Earth and his prophecies were recorded in the “cutochs” or knots in woven tapestries.

In order to re-establish Ayni and the now forgotten prosperity of earlier days, Andean mystics await and prepare for the Return of the Inca. In contrast to earlier days, the Inca is no longer a noble monarch, however, but rather a person who has reached the 6th level of consciousness – a plane that is said to have been inhabited by enlightened beings such as Buddha, Confucius, Mohammed, St. Francis of Assisi or the disciples of Jesus.

May 15, 2020, 7:38 PM

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