The Rise Of The Inka

The Rise Of The Inka. 🦅

About two month ago my account was misteriously deactivated by FB without any sort of explanation or the possibility of regaining access to my personal page containing records, files, videos and pictures of the Spiritual Journey which I embarked on April 1st. 2020, living the homeless life while walking from Miami to California to seek God. 

The sudden and unexplained deactivation of my account occurred just as I was working on a public post titled “We Are Gods” and in which I was ready to share passages of my meeting with God during what I called my graduation ceremony on 12/21 of last year.

Social Media platforms appeared to have gained the power to silence anyone who they might consider a threat to their own interests just like they did with former President of the United States Donald J. Trump who despite being the leader of the self-proclaimed; “Most powerful nation in the world” was silenced and muzzled by those who control Social Media and now pretend to control the world.

Having spent the past few months of my life regrouping, analyzing, researching, understanding, accepting, and assimilating all the information, knowledge and wisdom attained during my graduation ceremony, I was drawn to return to City Park to reconnect with the beautiful energies of the city and its amazing people. It is no coincidence that the official symbol of New Orleans is “The Fleur-de-lis” which also symbolizes the Holy Trinity. ⚜

As I cross the country from coast to coast, I will soon be delivering a message to Humanity that will shock the world of many and the name of “The Beast” will finally be revealed. 

– Army of Light. ✨

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