The Son of God vs. Darkness

The Son of God vs. Darkness.

Brother Carlos Fernandez, you were sworn in as a Magistrate by the State of Florida which oficial state’s motto is “In God we trust”, the same motto used by the United States of America. You were appointed by the state government to bring justice between two litigants and to represent the best interest of a nine year old child who has cruelly been deprived of seeing her Father in over six months.

You were expected by those who appointed you to exercise and apply wisdom, knowledge, and objective understanding while always honoring your pledge to God.

Yet, on October 5th during the hearing I had patiently been waiting for, for over three months (despite having originally filed it as an emergency motion). You betrayed your own pledge by questioning my motives for having embarked on a Spiritual Journey to seek God.

You allowed Mrs. Elizabeth Varas to testify for over 40 minutes while I only spoke for 5. You refused to hear the testimonies of four of my five witnesses because they didn’t speak English despite having an authorized translator in your court paid by taxpayers and not by you.

Despite representing a state that claims to believe in God above everything else, you stated to be in disagreement with me for teaching my little daughter about the existence of Jesus and Buddha (Ascended Masters who brought us great teachings), you questioned me for having taught my daughter about God’s creation (The Universe) and accused me of abandonment for having left everything to find God at His very own request.

My question to you brother Carlos Fernandez is did Noah, Moses, Abraham or Daniel ever questioned God when He spoke to them and commanded them to do things for Him?

You, who I assume call yourself a man of faith as you also made us sworn in God’s name to tell the truth and nothing but the truth, denied my motion and sentenced that I alone pass and pay for a psychological evaluation ($1,000 value) despite being unemployed before I could regain shared custody of my daughter.

You as a “man of power” given to you by the system you proudly represent, displayed in your own courtroom, lack of the most basic principles that every human being should have; Faith, Love, and Compassion.

Your limited views were simply inhumane and your heartless decisions didn’t only failed a defenseless little girl who as the mother clearly stated had suffered deeply from not being able to see her daddy, but you also dishonored yourself, you dishonored your state’s motto and most of all you dishonored God.

I will continue my quest to seek justice and to reunite with my little princess even if I have to take my case to an International Court of Justice because this is no longer about me or my daughter, this is about all the parents and innocent children in the world who are cruelly being punished and separated from their love ones and judged by laws that put money, greed, and self interest above the well being of its own citizens while inflicting pain and punishment to those who oppose to the oppression, a system that clearly does not represent the Light but represents Darkness and who’s real motto should be.. “In the Devil we trust”.

As I told you at the end of the hearing, brother Carlos Fernandez, I forgive you for the injustice you have brought me and the pain you have caused to my little princess. Because unlike you.. IN GOD I TRUST. ❤️

May our Heavenly Father have mercy on your soul because in the same way you judged others you will be judged by God Himself.

The following is a statement made by The President of The United States of America. Donald J. Trump at the National Day of Prayer event in May 2018. “Faith is more powerful than government, and nothing is more powerful than God”. – Donald J. Trump.

✡ בן האלוהים.

Oct 7, 2020, 8:11 AM

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