The Temple Within

The Temple Within. ✨ (Raw)

Having suddenly arrived at the final destination of a Spiritual Journey that started almost nine months ago, it wouldn’t be insane to say that today is literally My Birthday.

I have finally made it to my Own Graduation Ceremony where only two have been invited; God & Myself. Just like the Hyperion and the Methuselah Trees, which locations area to be unknown to the public, so will be the location of my own celebration.

I haven’t even induced myself yet in a deep state of meditation, which I will do shortly after this post and I am already loving the party and the gifts that God has so far blessed me with.

I really don’t have much to say at this point as I am about to enter into the VIP room, all I can say is that my heart right now beats and vibrates in frequencies of absolute joy, peace and happiness and that I can finally breath through the Breath of God from the first until the last.

The knowing that “I nailed it” and that I was able to decode myself gives me a feeling of pride and self-satisfaction for having accomplished and fulfilled my mission in life.. Finding Myself.

I am now ready to stand in the presence of my Creator and answer for every single one of my actions with the absolute confidence that I have earned my place in Heaven.

I spent the last years of my life amending all of my mistakes, forgiving and seeking forgiveness from those who I consciously or unconsciously brought harm to one way or another.

I was able to identify my own tumors and healed my own wounds and became the Master surgeon of my Own Self.

As I am about to enter into the unknown, I don’t know what God has prepared for me, but all I know is that I am ready for anything and everything.

Within the last few days everything started making sense and I was able to see what had been in front of me all alone; that The Temple has always been within, not up in the Sky neither down below Earth.

At this particular point I really don’t care about what the Mayans predicted or whether or not Jupiter and Saturn will align, neither if is said to also be the coming of brother Jesus. This is my Graduation Ceremony and is all about me!.

This trip has been by far the most amazing experience of my life and I am grateful for every second of it. I was able to put once again my faith to the test and the results have been amazing; I was able to finally overcome the last remaining of my own fears and insecurities; I finally passed the hardest test of them all… I learned to finally always put myself first, to never give my happiness away, and to never put a price over my absolute Freedom.

I learned that I can still be loving while standing against injustice because I understand that even those who oppress us, have a heart inside that is bleeding and that there is no love in their Souls.

Greed and Power destroyed their hearts and that as much I stand up to the oppression, I still feel compassionate towards them and I wish to soon find a way to make them understand that they are also be used.

If I would ever be given the divine honor of rewriting the history of “Humankind”, I would tear down the walls of every Nation as they divide us from one another.

I would get rid of a monetary system that is only used to enslave us and to destroy Ourselves by living in Greed and dishonoring God..

I would gather Scriptures from every Religion and erase every single page and write just one word “Love”. Because Love is our essence is how we were created by God and to return to Source one must become Love again if one wishes to escape the painful cycle of Karma and Reincarnation.

I understood that with Love I can bring down a mountain and that I can heal the World by giving Love to the World.

I understood that my Angels and Ascended Masters were also there to serve me as part of one big time in which we are all playing an important roll, both in the physical as well as in the spiritual plane.

I understood that even when I see many of my brothers and sisters destroy themselves, that I can only help them if they want to be helped because one must never act against Free Will.

And I finally understood that it was always about the journey and not the destination and that tomorrow will certainly never be the same.

I am truly honored to have reached this point in my life and to have finally become my Highest Self the day I reached the perfect balance of my own Mind, Body, and Spirit.

My Holy Trinity. ✡

Dec 21, 2020, 12:24 AM

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