This is what happens when you TRUST & SURRENDER to the Universe

And this is what happens when you literally TRUST & SURRENDER to God and the Universe.

Right after I finished eating the meal that the State Trooper kindly gave me I started walking north and was even considering having to spend the night by the Everglades in the middle of nowhere. Then all of a sudden a truck stops and offers to take me to nearest gas station, and to my surprise it turns out that the nearest gas station was over 30 minutes away by car which would have equaled to about 8 hours of me walking, then the lovely couple asked what my final destination was and to make a long story short, they ended up driving all the way to Fort Myers which is where I was heading to before the State Trooper stopped me and drove me back to where I had just walked many hours from. So in other words these amazing couple just saved me 3 days of walking.

Everything is happening in divine time and I am truly grateful and thankful for this amazing day and for all the      beautiful beings who helped me get to where I am right now.

Apr 4, 2020, 7:39 PM

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