A Vote From The Heart

“A Vote From The Heart” ❤

When President Donald J. Trump won the elections back in 2016, I was very disappointed because I never understood why anyone would ever vote for someone who appeared to lack basic moral values.

However, as time went by I began to understand that Mr. Trump wasn’t at all what the media and what he calls the “fake news” has been falsely trying to make us believe.

President Trump has done more for world peace than any previous president. During Barack Obama’s two term administration, it was very common to hear on the daily news about people being killed in some ongoing war in the Middle East.

On December 6th 2017, President Trump made history by announcing the United States recognition of Jerusalem as the official capital of Israel and by doing so fulfilling an ancient Bible prophecy. During Mr. Trump’s administration many peace treaties and deals have been negotiated and signed among many nations.

President Trump’s pro life views do not support the inhumane idea of killing innocent unborn babies whose nervous systems are developed enough to feel and experience pain. Research by the University of Toronto shows that “babies can feel pain in the womb — even with greater intensity than adults”.

Presidential Candidate Mr. Joe Biden on the other hand, is in favor of abortion. He believes in giving people the power to act against God’s creation.

Despite Mr. Biden’s claims to be a “man of faith”, he has chosen to defy God by standing against His Commandment; “Thou shall not kill”.

If Americans are not at all concerned about having a leader who is openly acting against God and who therefore does not represent the Light, then it is time that we re examine our relationship with Our Heavenly Father and our moral values as a society.

I strongly disagree and condemn the cruel separation and confinement of immigrant children at the U.S. border and I believe that Mr. Trump’s orders lacked basic compassion, and that’s something that he would have to answer for when the time comes, and he gets to stand before the presence of God.

However, despite the occasional mistakes, President Trump is a person who is striving to serve the Light and who shows to have God in his heart, while Mr. Biden openly shows to serve Darkness by turning his back on God.

“A vote for Biden is a vote to murder and to the violation of God’s Will”.

Message Delivered. ✅

✡ בן האלוהים.

Oct 26, 2020, 11:22 AM

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