Noah’s Ark

Noah’s Ark.

(Channeled on Oct 6th. 2020)

During the following channeling I was shown many visions of what appeared to be prophetic events that are soon to come.

The first event that was revealed was the absolute destruction of NYC, I saw on many occasions the Empire State Building turned into dust and debris. I saw bridges collapsed, the Statue of Liberty fallen and a satellite view of Central Park shown in black.

I saw many structures and buildings covered in gold with names of many companies of which I can now only remember “Disney”. The amount of gold was grotesque and very unpleasant to look at.

I saw flags from many countries in what appeared to be a representation of the United Nations or perhaps NYC itself shown as a diverse and multicultural city.

I saw rats pretty much everywhere, and a lizard who suddenly shifted into a Reptilian.

On several occasions throughout the channeling I saw an eagle flying across the sky, and what appeared to be a baby eagle struggling to leave the nest (not sure if both eagles were the same).

During the channelling I saw images of Jesus and Santa Claus as if perhaps symbolizing a Christmas season.

I saw nations at war, not exactly with each other but against external forces, it appeared to be a battle between Good and Evil.

Once again I was able to see the prelude of God’s arrival coming as a wave of powerful energies. Even before being able to see Him, people will sense His presence and feel His fury.

I saw zombies rising from the dead as what appeared to be a fulfillment of what is written in the Scriptures in Daniel 12:2 “And many of those who sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake, some to everlasting life, and some to shame and everlasting contempt”.

I saw a majestic and beautiful temple with gorgeous diamond rocks embedded in the walls. It appeared to be a Temple of God or something to do with Israel.

I saw President Donald J. Trump being a key player in everything that is about to unfold, it seemed as if the events would take place during his term as President. I also saw what appeared to be Israel and the U.S. government forming some sort of peace agreement or alliance.

Once again I saw severe flooding in a coastal city that appears to be Miami Beach, I saw water rising into buildings and vehicles completely covered by sand.

Once again it was shown that a main event will strike Colombia (a specific city was not revealed).

I saw many hieroglyphs which appeared to be Egyptian and some sort of spacecraft being used to transport and evacuate.

I saw a tunnel and as one walked through the tunnel one’s life review is displayed, a full record of every word, thought, emotion and action towards oneself and towards others is reviewed in a crystal clear vision.

At the end of the tunnel there were two doors of which one was about to be opened, the door on the right appeared to represent Heaven and the one on the left to represent Hell. By the time one reaches that point after having walked through the tunnel of our own life memories, we will already know which door will be opened for us.

I find no joy in being the bearer of the messages that I’ve been commanded to deliver, but it is my duty to inform all of humanity that God’s arrival is imminent and that the time is near.

God is not exactly pleased with us. We have failed as a collective, it’s been over 2,500 years since the coming of brother Buddha and Jesus who came to teach us about love and compassion towards one another. Yet, we have become insensitive to the struggle, pain and suffering of our brothers and sisters.

Our souls have not evolved in thousands of years simply because we don’t love one another as we love ourselves, we refuse to forgive and forget and we are certainly not compassionate.

We must build the ark of Righteousness, Love, Faith, and Compassion inside our hearts if we wish to make peace with God.

To find God, we must first find ourselves. God lives within our hearts. ❤

✡ בן האלוהים

Oct 19, 2020, 10:11 AM

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