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Thankful & Grateful

According to Bronnie Ware – an Australian nurse and counselor – worked in palliative care; taking care of terminally ill people, most of whom had less than 12 weeks to live. The most common regret patients had was: “I WISH I HAD LET MYSELF BE HAPPIER” Many of her patients didn’t realise until the end

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Have You Seen Chiara?

Please help us find our kitty. She has one blue and one green eye and was last seen in the Paterson area. She is part of our family and we miss her dearly. If you have any information regarding her whereabouts please contact me at 202.709.9205 (Sebastian Andrei). Thank you for your help. May you

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Veterans Day

According to the “Cost of War Project” a study conducted by the Watson Institute and Boston University; Four times as many troops and vets have died by suicide as in combat. The mental damage is irreversible. Many state they weren’t aware they were being sent to kill and that they did not wish to be

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After thousands of years of being ruled by Darkness, the time has come for all deceiving Demons to be cast out and sent back to where they arose from. “Horn by horn until The Beast is defeated”. – Army of Light.

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The Land of The Incas

Being able to reconnect with my roots, and with the sacred elements of the soil, and energies of The Inca Impire, it’s a gift that I will always cherish and keep in my heart. Through the kindness of beautiful Angels who agreed to bring me a piece of Machu Pichu, I’ve been able to fulfill

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