The Law of Cause and Effect

Contrary to popular belief Karma is not a divine punishment from the Universe but a result of someone’s actions. Good deeds will have a positive effect while bad deeds bring negative consequences.

On Sunday morning, as I was driving on an interstate highway, I spotted a girl stranded on the side of the road, who seemed to be struggling with a flat tire. I pulled over to offer my help and together we did what we could to try to remove the tire, but despite even having her dad on the phone guiding us, our efforts were unsuccessful as the rim appeared to be damaged and stuck.

About an hour later, two of her sisters came to the rescue and they decided to call road assistance, to what I felt that my presence there was not longer required. As I was proceeding to pick up my stuff so that I could get back on the road, Cassa (the girl I had helped) came to thank me with tears in her eyes feeling overwhelmed by what she referred to as a “beautiful act of kindness”, perhaps because before my arrival she was there all by herself, with only her dad on the phone, and not knowing what to do.

Cassa and her sisters were very grateful and thankful towards me and offered to give me some wine as a gift for my help, which I gratefully accepted. Touched by her tears and gratitude, I decided to give them some quartz crystals that I always carry with me, as a gift from the Universe for allowing me such a beautiful experience and unforgettable memory.

I never offer my help expecting to be rewarded, I help because it makes me feel good and it fills my heart with joy to see someone smile. But at the same time, I am fully aware that we are an absolute result of who we are and that we receive in return exactly what we give out. Good things happen to me because I do good things for others; People are kind to me because I am kind to them; Life smiles at me because I smile at it first. There is no secret behind it. It’s a Universal Law!

Thank you for the wine, the champagne, the experience, the hugs, and the beautiful smiles! You are all Angels.

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