City of Angels

Los Angeles never resonated with me for some reason and I would always wrongly describe it as being a concrete jungle. But God and the Universe were about to prove me wrong once again.

This past week due to unexpected and sudden change of plans I was drawn to come to L.A not even really knowing what was bringing me here. I live my life following my heart and not my mind because God speaks through my heart and tells me exactly where I need to be. I’ve learned not to listen to my analytical mind which tends to stop me from doing what the heart wants by trying to consume me with fear.

Upon my arrival in L.A I was immediately enchanted by its natural beauty and amazing panoramic views, never in my life have I been to a place that appears to have been drawn by God itself.

Ever since I set foot in this magical place the amazing experiences, the divine messages, as well as the daily blessings have been none stop. During my first two days here I’ve been eating like a king! I’ve had amazing Asian food in Chinatown and the best Mexican street tacos late at night in the heart of East L.A, infamously known for its gangs and violence.

For the first time in my life I had the opportunity to go hiking while being blessed with a breathtaking overlook of the entire city and beautiful constellations in the sky that appear to follow me everywhere I go. Overall, thanks to my rental vehicle I’ve been able to visit many stunning and iconic places across the entire city.

Despite the overwhelming joy and gratitude for being able to be in a place like this, it saddened me to see a large homeless population in rich areas like Hollywood, where many of those who despite owning beautiful homes and driving fancy cars seemed unkind, arrogant and bitter towards one another, which only proves that wealth and money do not buy inner peace or happiness.

Knowing that I am in full control of every situation and that a single smile can open a hundred doors, under unpleasant circumstances I would focus on shining my light even brighter in order to electrocute the hearts of those who displayed an unkind behavior with higher doses of love and compassion as I understand that behind an angry face there is a little child inside crying out for help.

In a couple of occasions I had no other choice but to draw out the Sword of the Spirit and use the word of God to calm their sudden rage. Needless to say the outcome always seemed to be the same, they would suddenly lower their voice and walk away, perhaps understanding that neither their money or imaginary sense of power, will ever be enough to stand up to our Creator.

Only God knows how long I’ll be here or where my heart will take me next, but weather is a day or a year, I will spend the rest of my stay in Los Angeles healing hearts by spreading love because love is the most powerful force in the Universe.

✡ בן האלוהים.

Dec 19, 2020, 9:36 AM

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