My Soul Family

My Soul Family. 💖

I used to frequently remember my childhood with nothing but pain and sorrow as a clear reflection of the type of life I had. All I ever wanted as a little kid was to play, feel loved and to be happy.

But in my house playing was a forbidden act that was punished with physical violence, there was no display or demonstrations of love or affection and I certainly grew up feeling lonely and unhappy.

Back in February, 2020 right before even knowing that I was about to embark on a Spiritual Journey that would change my life forever, I was unexpectedly visited by my best friend from school who surprisingly flew from Lima to Miami with his two parents just to visit me.

Seeing them together again after decades made me start remembering many brief but happy episodes of my childhood that I seemed to have unconsciously forgotten.

Whenever I would run away from my house tired of the physical and mental abuse, they would always open the doors of their home and hearts by giving me shelter.

When I was with them I was able to experience all of the things that were not offered to me at home. I was able to play, I was treated with love and kindness, and felt safe and protected. But most of all they made me feel alive by allowing me to be all I ever wanted to be.. just a little kid.

Now I know that their sudden visit was a gift from God, to help me prepare for what was coming and to help me heal my own wounds by seeing the other side of the coin and that despite all the harm done to me as a child, there were many good things that happened and that I needed to remember my childhood with love and compassion towards that little kid who was still trapped in the labyrinth of his own insecurities and fears inflicted by those who were supposed to protect him.

Ever since I embarked on my Spiritual Journey to seek God, they have accompanied me every step of the way without even understanding or knowing what I was doing or why, they never judged me and from day one gave me their unconditional support.

I am certainly blessed to have them in my life and I am forever thankful for allowing me to be part of their family.

Familia Paucarcaja, los amo hasta el infinito y los llevo siempre en mi corazon! 💖♾

✡ בן האלוהים.

Dec 19, 2020, 11:38 AM

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