God Has Spoken

God Has Spoken. 🎺

As stated in my previous post the first thing that was shown to me during a 3D vision while in a deep state of meditation was God standing next to me gently bringing down a sword upon my left shoulder. At the moment of the revelation I had no idea what the sword was or what it represented. I spent the following days conducting my own research until it was revealed to me that I had been touched with “The Sword of The Holy Spirit”.

However, I still didn’t understand what I was expected to do with it or how to use it. Then, a lady friend I had “randomly” met one night during my Spiritual Journey while walking from Miami to California and with whom we had been keeping in touch on and off sent me an email in which she mentioned having been thinking of me while reading a specific bible verse; Ezekiel 33.

I must confess that up until recently I had zero interest or desire to learn about any “Sacred Scriptures” as I strongly opposed the hypocrisy of most Religions. However, after reading Ezekiel 33 everything immediately became clear to me as it was revealed that I had been appointed by Our Creator to blow the trumpet and to inform the whole world about His imminent arrival.

This is certainly not the first time God has used other people to deliver a message for me. Throughout the past six months I have been contacted by random people who have come to me to deliver messages from the divine at very specific times of my life.

When I made the choice to embark on a Spiritual Journey seeking to reach the State of Nirvana just like Siddhartha Gautama, “Buddha” had done around 2,500 years ago, I did so out of absolute faith in God, with the sole desire to put an end to the pain and suffering that I was experiencing in my life at the moment and to find the cure to the pain and suffering of the world.

After successfully and unexpectedly fulfilling my goal, I returned to Miami not knowing that God had bigger plans for me and that my life would end up making another sudden 180 degree shift.

Needless to say I feel deeply honored and privileged to have been chosen by The Almighty to deliver His message to humanity and to have been granted the only offensive weapon in the Armor of God; “The Sword of The Holy Spirit”.

On behalf of my Heavenly Father and by the power vested in me I will use “The Sword of The Holy Spirit” (The Word of God)

to stand up against those who collectively or individually dishonor My Father’s Name or act against His Will. I will devote my life to exposing Rulers of Nations, Politicians, Governments and False Religious Leaders with secret agendas designed to serve Darkness and who therefore do not represent the Light.

✡ בן האלוהים

Sep 21, 2020, 12:33 PM

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