God’s Return

God’s Return. ⚜

(Channeled on July 28th, 2020).

As it is publicly known I’ve never labeled myself as being a religious person, today I stand by my words and as I often say my only religion is Love and my bible is my Heart. However, due to unexpected and unprecedented revelations, I came to understand that Spirituality (becoming one with oneself and with the Universe) was only one half of the story, the other half is GOD (the Creator of everything including us and the Universe).

For the past 6 weeks and while always using my own discernment, I have been conducting my own research by studying Ancient text as well as many versions of the scriptures from different religions. The results (at least to me) were shocking as some of the predictions that I’ve received are found in many books of the scriptures, specially in the “Book of Revelations”.

The following visions, predictions and prophecies were revealed to me in a crystal clear vision (3D) for several hours during a deep state of meditation and many of them are being reconfirmed through daily divine messages on the physical plane.

I will do my best effort to reproduce the channeling the best that I can and will be sharing my interpretation and understanding of some of the visions on future posts.

  •  The first thing I envisioned was our Heavenly Father standing next to me holding a gigantic, magnificent and powerful sword with his left hand while bringing it gently upon my left shoulder. It was later revealed and reconfirmed that the sword was “The Sword of The Holy Spirit”.
  • I then witnessed God approaching, it was not something that you could see at first but rather something you could feel as it got closer, everybody in the whole planet could feel His fury referred to in the scriptures as God’s Wrath.

On that day, both believers and non-believers will be equally judged for everything they have ever done (Good and Evil) which is all recorded and stored in the Akashic Records (Universal Library).

On Judgement Day our files containing every word, thought, emotion, intend, and action will be opened revealing the destiny of our eternal souls.

  •  I then saw what appeared to be Ancient Egyptian tombs opening up and many hieroglyphs forming words and phrases that I was not able to comprehend.
  •  I saw NYC, being the epicenter of what appeared to be the aftermath of some sort of strike, Times Square was in complete darkness as people ran confused in chaos while lost between debris and smoke.
  •  I saw a coastal city which appeared to be “Miami Beach”, flooded and people stranded in the sand alongside their vehicles.
  •  I saw a major event happening in Colombia in what appears to be “Cartagena”.

NOTE: In the last two cases it was shown that the events will come as a punishment and prelude to God’s Wrath as those two cities have become a franchise of Sin and Perdition (like Sodom and Gomorrah) attracting lost souls from all over the world in search of absolute lust and greed (“Miami Beach”), and prostitution, homosexuality and child sex trafficking (“Cartagena”).

  • I saw Cryptocurrency soon being the main global form of payment.
  • I saw products “Made in China” being the result of human exploitation (including children).
  • I saw law enforcement officers conducting arrests and exercising control over its citizens.
  • I saw on at least 3 occasions the potential winner of the upcoming 2020 elections in the United States.
  • I saw Internet Child Pornography being a major global issue and how unsupervised children use Social Media to expose themselves in sexual ways becoming easy targets to potential predators.
  • I saw produce such as fruits and vegetables being sprayed with toxic pesticides that are very harmful to the human body, while livestock animals are injected with poisonous chemicals. In both cases the real intent is to make humans sick so that pharmaceutical companies can profit from the very lucrative business of selling their so-called “medicine”.
  • I was also shown how alcohol consumption literally destroys us by attacking our organs, and killing brain cells and neurons keeping us numb and easy to control.

Finally, I was taken to the inner circles of Hell and was shown all the evil in the world done by humans, one wishes to escape and there is no escape, one wishes to sleep and there is no sleep, one wishes to die and there is no death, the torment is forever lasting. The best way to describe it would be to imagine one’s worst idea of Hell and then to multiply it by the number seven. Those who are sent there will cry, scream and beg and there will be no one to save them anymore, they would have voluntarily condemned themselves to eternal punishment for all the sins committed.

Our Father is very disappointed and feels betrayed by us, His own children. He who gave us two of the most beautiful gifts; “Life and Free Will” (the freedom to do good with the life He gave us). But, along with those gifts He also gave us a list of things that He demanded from us and that He did not want us to do as a way to peacefully and respectfully coexist with one another.

The “Ten Commandments” (Law of God) carved in two stone tablets and given by God to Moses at Mount Sinai, will be the standard of judgment along with the “7 Deadly Sins”.

Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man. For God shall bring every work into judgment, with every secret thing, whether it be good, or whether it be evil (Ecclesiastes 12:13-14).

*End of transmission*

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Sep 16, 2020, 8:11 AM

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