Lake City, FL

Place: Lake City, FL

Last night was tough! After finally leaving Tampa, I got back on the road and walked for many hours until I got to a Truck Stop around midnight literally in the middle of nowhere and spent the night in the woods where once again the hot weather along with the mosquitos were making it really hard to fall asleep. So I woke up at around 6am today and sat by the Truck Stop hoping to get a ride anywhere heading North. A few hours later a beautiful soul tried to give me a $20 bill which I kindly declined, however he kept on insisting and since I had not had anything to eat yet and had no food other than my peanuts I told him that if he wanted he could buy me breakfast instead. To make a long story short, he ended up giving the $20 dollars directly to the cashier so that I could pick whatever I needed. So the first thing I got was a mosquito repellent and then food and snacks that would get me through the day. I sat back outside for many more hours and still was not able to find someone that would get me out of the ghost town I was in. Then close to 2pm. a store manager approached me and told me that I needed to leave soon because I had been there the whole day and that he could get in trouble.

So there I was thinking “where am I gonna go now?” So as I was getting ready to leave I decided to give it one last shot and to ask the next person I see coming out of the store if I could get a ride. And so I did and to my surprise the truck driver was from Miami and was going to Georgia and immediately accepted to take me as far North as I needed. This amazing soul not only gave me a ride and saved me at least 6 days of walking but also let me sleep on his bed and bought me food.

I honestly have no words to describe how grateful and thankful I am to absolutely everyone who directly or indirectly has become part of this journey and who’s hearts I’ve touched as much as they have touched mine. ❤✨

Apr 14, 2020, 6:12 PM

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