With so little one can do so much

As I mentioned yesterday in one of my videos after kindly being given a $20 bill from someone at a local church, I had an epiphany and decided that instead of trying to get rid of the money as I did previously during a Facebook Live with a $5 bill that someone else had given me days before, that this time I would use that money to buy food for homeless people. So today I did exactly that and to my surprise I was able to buy food and water enough to feed 12 people, so after fixing and bagging 12 ham and cheese sandwiches along with mustard and mayonnaise, I passed them around the downtown area in Tampa. However the highlight of the story was seeing the smile on their faces and the gratitude displayed by them, but the one who truly touched my heart was a very sweet lady with teary eyes who held my hand and would not stop thanking me and saying “May God bless you”.

Amazing how with so little one can do so much. ❤🌟

Apr 13, 2020, 3:02 PM

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