Live Meditation

A few year ago I had the opportunity to meet a Buddhist monk, so I respecfully approached him and asked him “how to fall into a state of deep meditation” his answer was stunning “we are always meditating” he replied.
To me that didn’t need further explanation, I immediately understood what he meant and now a little over 2 years later I’ve started yesterday and for a period of 30 days what I am calling a *Live Meditation* while performing my every day activities such as working, studying,
showering, eating, running, etc.

The Live Meditation consists of the following;

1. To not allow any thoughts, words or actions that would contribute to the creation of negative energy.
2. To surrender, trust and to accept everything that the Universe sends my way (good or bad) with love and gratitude as I understand that even painful experiences bring an opportunity for a greater lesson to be learned.
3. To cleanse my body and to connect with Mother Gaia (Earth) by eating a raw organic vegan diet and drink spring water only.
4. To practice forgiveness, compassion, gratitude, love and kindness towards everything and everyone.

I kindly ask that if during these 30 days you happen to come across my path physically, orally, energetically or virtually and you don’t feel that my vibes or behavior are aligned with the intentions listed above, then I beg you to please bring it to my attention because it would mean that I am *off centered* and need to regain focus and refind my balance.

Thank you all for the love and support and for being part of my journey. ❤🌟

– Sebastian Andrei.

Mar 3, 2020, 1:44 PM

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