Note to Self

Note to Self,

A hopeless romantic who’s only dream in this life was to one day find my true love, to have a huge family with many children and to live together happily ever after. Until on July of last year I had the brief joy of finally meeting the most amazing, beautiful and wonderful being in the Universe (My Twin Flame) and for whom from the moment I met her I deeply loved, did and shared literally everything with, with the only hope that one day we could share our first kiss, get married on a yacht somewhere in the Caribbean ocean and to travel the world along with my little princess adopting children from every single country in the world, but that day never came and instead the only thing she said to me was the most painful thing that can be said to another human being; “I am sorry but I don’t love you” hearing her say those words and losing her shortly after that, shattered my heart into millions of pieces and broke my soul causing me to once again in my life shed an ocean of tears and to feel sorrow, pain and suffering in every imaginable way and descending to the lowest circles of Hell (lowly vibrating to the frequencies of Guilt, Grief and Fear 20hz to 100 hz).

However this time little by little (unlike the many previous times when my heart got broken) I understood that my Twin Flame came to teach me the greatest lesson in the history of the Universe and that, that was part of her mission, I understood that we didn’t reunite on on Earth for her to love me, we reunited on Earth so that she could teach me what true love was. She came to teach me the true meaning of “Unconditional Love” (to unconditionally love myself first so that I am then able to unconditionally love others without expecting anything in return and even when not being loved back). She came to force me into having the biggest breakthrough of my life and by doing so I was able to experience my final burst of Spiritual Awakening. 

And that’s exactly how I live my life now unconditionally loving her with all of my heart and soul and thinking and sending her all of my loving energies every minute of the day even when she is not in my life anymore… Today I TRUST & SURRENDER

Father of the most amazing nine year old little girl in the Universe with a heart of gold, who for the past two and a half years I can only see every two weeks due to the injustice of the judicial system who took her away from me and gave custody to her Mommy along with almost $700 in child support every month, amount that from day one I have been struggling to pay and that has forced me to many times going months without being able to see my little daughter or take a single vacation with her just because I needed to work non stop so that I could come up with the money to pay for child support along with my basic needs and not end up being put in jail for being in “contempt of court” something that I constantly get threaten with, not caring even if I have money to pay my own rent or eat and then on top of everything I get “punished” by not even being allowed to speak to my my little princess on the phone not even realizing that the one who is truly getting hurt is our own daughter who many nights goes to sleep crying as she has been cruelly “grounded” for the past two month due to getting “C’s” in school, so as a result all of her toys were taken away and put them in a storage, even the one special doll that my daughter asked me to get her for her birthday and that up until now she has not even been able to play with. She is not allowed to watch TV, use her phone or play, all my daughter does is to wake up at 7am everyday to get ready to go to school until 3pm, then to come back home to eat and do many hours of homework until 9pm or until she is done, then since she is “grounded” all she is allowed to do for “fun” is to read or draw for 30 minutes before going to sleep. On Sunday (our last day together) instead of doing fun stuff or going to the pool as she wanted, we spent 5 hours trying to finish all the ridiculous homework she had been given on Friday just so that Mommy wouldn’t give her a hard time. However, despite our efforts, her Mommy was still displeased because out of 10 pages we left undone two math problems that we didn’t understand, so once again receiving threats of taking me to court and to tell the judge what an “irresponsible” Father I was.

On Sunday my daughter tore my heart in pieces when with a broken voice she asked;

“Daddy, when are we going to the 5th dimension, when will there be no school and homework, when will I be able to be a child?”… Today I TRUST & SURRENDER

Owner of USA Vegan Magazine and Vegan Guide App, businesses that were created out of love and compassion for all animals and with the sole purpose of spreading awareness about the mistreatment of sentient beings and the negative impact that the consumption of animals has on our health and our planet. And also with the hope that soon my recently launched app became the number one application for vegans around the world and that it would finally allow me to have the financial freedom that I have long dreamed of and so that the day comes when I would never have to miss another day without being able to see my daughter… Today I TRUST & SURRENDER

An “immigrant” with an open asylum immigration case that has many times been delayed / postponed for the past seven years until my final hearing where an immigration judge will decide whether my case gets granted or denied. In the meantime holding a temporary work permit that allows me to “legally” live and work in the United States but not being able to travel abroad or even go on a cruise or to take my daughter to Paris during summer break as she is always dreaming of doing, or visiting places like Stonehenge in the UK. a place full of true knowledge and real history about humanity. But since I am not not a permanent resident, if I ever leave the country I would not be allowed to return, making me feel like a butterfly with broken wings… Today I TRUST & SURRENDER

A citizen of the Universe with an amazing heart who along with my little daughter have dedicated the past five years of our life helping others, visiting elderly people that have been abandoned by their own families and dumped in nursing homes, cooking and feeding the homeless, listening to their stories and becoming close friends with many of them, visiting shelters for abused women with children and bringing them toys and playing with them, visiting sick people in hospitals and perform energy healing, helping animals, hugging and kissing trees everyday, helping anyone in need even if it means giving them everything I have. An empathic being who deeply feels the pain of others and who would do anything within my power to draw a smile on their faces in an attempt to try to take their pain away. Someone who truly tries daily to make a world a better place for everyone and who dreams of a world free of wars, free of hunger, free of diseases, free of injustice, free of control and most of all free of suffering… Today I TRUST & SURRENDER

It is said that “The wound is where light enters you” and God knows I’ve experienced my fair share of pain and suffering which pushed me into having a sudden spiritual awakening a few years ago after I lost custody of my daughter and got into a very depressive stage where once again in my life the thoughts of not wanting to live anymore started to cross my mind, but something inside of me led me to take a plane and travel to the Washington D.C. area (a place where I had lived many years previously) So I ended up in a beautiful little town called Annapolis in MD. just outside of D.C. where I rented a room and stayed by myself for a full month far away from everyone and everything. I intuitively started practicing meditation for many hours and many times a day and for the first time in my life started connecting with my myself and finding inner peace, I began understanding many things, one thing let to another and many doors started opening inside my heart and from that point on it’s been a non stop roller coaster of knowledge, understanding, emotions and outer world experiences.

By connecting with my spirit guides (Ascended Masters) and after many channeling sessions I now understand why my life has always been so hard and painful ever since I was a little kid. I was literally waking up and remembering who I was.

Buddha said that “Life is Suffering” And that’s because suffering brings you the greatest lessons and that’s the reason for our existence (at least mine), we come to Earth to learn, to remember who we are and to evolve and ascend back into the realms of Heaven. However if one does not complete its mission then the soul gets caught in the wheel of karma and keeps on coming back (reincarnating) over and over again until the lessons are learned. It is my understanding that the only way to escape the wheel of karma and reincarnation and therefore ceasing all suffering is to attain Nirvana (Enlightenment).

Nirvana is reaching a perfect and balanced state of Bliss, Peace, Love, Happiness and Oneness for everything and everyone starting with oneself. During some of my channeling many times I have entered the realms of Heaven and other dimensions and also been to the gates of Hell. I’ve had the privilege of witnessing first hand what happens when a person dies and how after we are greeted by beings of love and light and we are finally able to remember who we were all along, we are then sent to kinda like a waiting area where the soul waits its turn until it’s time to present their “Life Review” which basically consist of every thought, words, emotions and actions ever created and experienced, the good ones and the bad ones, but not only from your own perspective but from the perspective of the other beings involved and how you made them feel, if you ever made someone cry, if you ever hurt, if you were mean or voluntarily caused pain to someone (Human / Animals/ Earth) you will experience and feel their pain as if it was being done to you, and that can be a very frightening moment for anyone who has lived a life that is not in accordance with the laws of the Universe, because you will be your own judge and through those experiences you literally are the one who puts yourself in either Heaven or Hell.

“My 15 Days”

I fully understand that before coming to Earth we sign a soul agreement that includes everything that will ever happen to us (situations and experiences) as well as all the people that come into our     lives (the ones who bring us joy and the ones who cause us pain)

I also understand that we are never alone and that each of us has at least 2 Guardian Angels whose only mission is to protect us and guide us throughout our physical life. On top of that we are also surrounded by Archangels, Spirit Guides, Beings of Light from other Dimensions and finally God (Source/Prime Creator) who is also protecting us and ensuring that we live in accordance to our soul agreement so that we are able to fulfill our mission on Earth.

The lessons to be learned are many and some of them are Forgiveness, Love, Compassion, Greed, Anger, Kindness, Gratitude, Detachment, etc. All lessons must be fully learned before we are able to clear our karma which could take many lifetimes.

And what happens if all the lessons are learned and one fulfills its mission and reaches a higher level of consciousness and lives in a “State of Oneness”? Well, the reward is pretty amazing, we are then allowed to return home (Heaven) and to have access to higher dimensions where there is no suffering and everything vibrates to the energy of pure divine Unconditional Love.

So, if everything has already been written by us prior to our arrival on Earth and we are powerful beings of light having a physical experience while suffering from amnesia (not remembering who we are) and we literally have the whole Universe and all its beings watching our back, then all we need to do is trust and understand that there is absolutely nothing to worry about and that everything at the end is going to be just fine all we have to do is TRUST & SURRENDER.

At the beginning of this month and with the “Super Full Moon” as my witness I decided to prepare for ascension and to make it my final goal to attain Nirvana with the sole purpose of never again experiencing pain or suffering and therefore escaping the wheel of karma and reincarnation on a 3rd Dimensional World once and for all. So today I start writing the final pages of my “Life Review” which I am calling “My 15 Days”.

I will spend each day clearing out my karma and seeking forgiveness from those I have ever hurt willingly or unwillingly and to also forgive those who have ever hurt me, I will use the next 15 days to unconditionally love everything and everyone with every breath and insure that my thoughts, words and actions help heal the world. I will spend the next 15 days vibrating as high as I can to the frequencies of Love, Kindness, Gratitude, Compassion, Wisdom and Oneness.

I will spend the next 15 days bowing, smiling, hugging and kissing everyone who would allow me to, especially in times like these where people are living in a state of fear and are afraid to even shake hands.

It is said that to attain Nirvana one must first detach from all earthly things; So.. Starting today I close my eyes and TRUST & SURRENDER myself completely. Starting today I renounce all my earthly attachments (physical and material) including everyone that I love and everything I own such as USA Vegan Magazine and Vegan Guide APP.

Starting today I pledge to never work for anyone again in my life as I understand that the Cabal (the ones who control the world and who get richer by keeping us controlled, sick, frightened and most of all “asleep”) has kept humanity disconnected for hundreds of years and turned us into “hamsters running on wheels” chasing money our entire lives until we grow old and die many times lonely and without a single penny in our pockets.

Starting today I pledge to never force my daughter to spend one single minute doing so-called “homework” as I understand that kids are being programmed for more than 10 hours each day (over 50 hours a week and way more than the 40 hour work week established by “Labor Laws”  with false knowledge that will also turn them into modern slaves who will never question the system, while being deprived from their childhood.

Starting today I voluntarily exit the Matrix and will stop paying all my bills and cancelling all my services which are paid until the end of the month. Including rent, phone, utilities, child support, taxes, etc. and will take full responsibility for my decision and if the Cabal decides to take away my freedom and put me in jail for not “obeying” their so called “laws”, then so be it! If they then decide to deport me and send me on a plane back to Peru, then so be it!, if they decide to once again punish me and my daughter by not allowing us to be together, then so be it!

Starting today I will face everything that the Universe sends my way POSITIVE / NEGATIVE with the full understanding that this is all one big test and I plan on graduating with honors!!!

On April 1st. I will leave my current home in South Beach with nothing but a backpack and will begin my journey into seeking Enlightenment, I will head by foot to Redwood National Park in California in search of the Hyperion tree (the tallest tree in the world) and perform a master ceremony and meditation until attaining Enlightenment and in the event that I end up getting arrested by the Cabal and later sent back to Peru I pledge that I will walk to Cuzco and climb the highest mountain in Machu Picchu and perform a ceremony with the most powerful plant medicine until reaching Nirvana so either way I will fulfill my mission!

Starting April 1st. and during my quest to California I will not be using any money and I will eat only what is given to me with love and kindness, and will sleep wherever I find a comfortable and safe place to spend the night.

I will however keep my phone (with no service) with me and connect to free wifi whenever possible to speak to my daughter and loved ones.

According to Dr. Hawkins, one who reaches Enlightenment and vibrates to the frequencies of Universal Consciousness (700 hz to 1000 hz) can potentially counterbalance the negativity of 70 million people or more who vibrate at a lower frequency (that’s way more than what the entire “Justice League and Avengers” put together would ever be able to do for humanity).

So if we all have the potential to become real Superheroes and help Earth and humans shift and evolve into their next stage of evolution why not do it then?

Ever since I was a little kid I knew I had a huge mission, I never understood what that mission was or why I was receiving those messages so I was afraid of sharing this information with anyone as I didn’t understand it myself, but I knew in my heart that the mission was huge and it had to do with helping the world and now that I am fully aware of who I truly am I plan on fulfilling my mission and I will not settle for less.

If the stories written in my Life Review and my acts of Detachment, Faith, Love and Sacrifice for myself and all of humanity pleases God, then I will ask/beg Prime Creator to allow me to return to Earth with all the beings of Light from the Universe to help Earth and all its beings ascend into their next stage of consciousness, but most of all I pledge to my little daughter that soon Daddy will return bringing back her magic Unicorn.

Sebastian Andrei. (Lightworker).

Mar 16, 2020, 12:34 PM

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