Love you, Ellie!

Met this beautiful Earth Angel late at night. It’s funny because when I saw her coming towards my direction I said to myself “I wonder if she is hungry”, so I was planning on offering her some of my peanuts but to my surprise as soon as we got closer to each other she spoke first and said “can I give you a cookie?” And she handed me a Lenny & Larry’s vegan cookie (which I happen to love) and then after talking for more than an hour she ended up giving me many more snacks. 🥰

It turns out that like me she is also fulfilling her mission by bringing love and hope to the world, she has been all across America pushing her bike spreading the word of God. We hugged and kissed so many times that I lost count. She is truly an inspiration and by far one of the most amazing beings I have ever met in my human life.

Love you Ellie! and we shall see each other again very soon in the “Command Center” as you called it. ❤🌟

Apr 10, 2020, 2:49 AM

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