Tampa, Florida

Place: Tampa, Florida

Last night after 10 long days of walking from Miami, I was finally able to make it to Tampa, (where I am hoping to meet a very special person) and was welcomed by a stunning Pink Super Moon.

These past 10 days have taught me a lot about myself and others.. I have many blisters on both feet and bleeding toes, a swollen knee, a sore back from carrying a backpack that keeps on getting heavier by the minute, sunburn, dozens of mosquito bites all over my body, I have not showered in days, I’ve gotten wet, I have slept in the woods, behind dumpsters, outside local churches and public parks, however not once have I gone to sleep on an empty stomach, people have been kindly feeding me everyday and taking good care of me.

I’ve only been “allowed” to speak to my daughter on the phone once for 5 minutes despite my many attempts as her phone has been cruelly confiscated and who is not even allowed to read, hear and see the daily messages, audios, pictures and videos that I send her. I guess this is our punishment for caring about the world.

I’ve seen poverty like never before, desperate parents not being able to feed their own children, a devastated mother who’s 5 year old son had been taken away from her by the system (the court) and given to a foster family.

I’ve been sad but I always manage to smile, I’ve cried and I’ve laughed, I’ve been upset but I always find peace, I’ve been hurt and I’ve forgiven, I’ve felt pain and I’ve healed, I’ve sang, I’ve hugged and I’ve kissed, I’ve helped and I’ve shared but most of all I’ve loved like I’ve never loved before.

Knowing that my humble story is touching people’s hearts and that their acts of love and kindness are touching mine, gives this whole journey and the huge sacrifice that me and my daughter are doing a divine purpose because all of us together are already making the world a better place. 🌍 ❤🌟

Apr 11, 2020, 9:38 AM

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