R.I.P. “Mr. Grinch”

R.I.P. “Mr. Grinch”.

I spent my entire life living an unfulfilling existence as a result of having wrongfully been taught by society that happiness could only be obtained through financial success.

So for decades, I joined those who had unwisely followed the same path and became a “hamster on a wheel”, working nonstop chasing money like a modern slave and becoming “human property” of those who paid for my time.

It wasn’t until I was able to liberate myself by learning to unlock my own happiness from within, that I realized that I didn’t have to lower my head to no one in a desperate pursue to reach financial success because absolute happiness was inside of me all along.

I understood that all this time I had only been failing myself for having put a price over my absolute freedom by agreeing to follow a system that forced me to do things out of obligation and necessary while making me pay for it with my own life.

I’ve now humbly reached a point in my life where it doesn’t matter if I have twenty or zero dollars in my pocket , I feel as happy and grateful when eating at a restaurant as I am when standing in line to get food at local homeless shelters or when being invited to a home cooked meal.

And that’s all I need to own my day.. food to eat, air to breathe, and a safe place to sleep whether on a bed, in a car or on a sidewalk. Everyday is my day and I get to choose whether I embrace my day with a smile or defy it with a frown. 

Absolute happiness can have no attachments because it becomes conditioned and depended on something or someone, and then, when we no longer have that which we thought made us happy our world crumbles and collapses leaving us in absolute Darkness.

“The Grinch” as I used to be called by some due to my bitterly unhappy, and resentful personality does not longer exist. I am now fully able to comprehend that within my Universe, I am King! The absolute ruler of my own destiny and I choose to smile every single day of my life despite the present circumstances as I understand that challenging situations and adversities are also part of the experience and are here to teach us and to give us an opportunity to grow and evolve.

I count the days until I am able to reunite with my little Princess knowing that when that day comes, my happiness will be multiplied by millions because like Love and Knowledge, Happiness is also infinite and one can always be happier tomorrow.

– Sebastian Andrei.

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