“To Protect and Serve”

“To Protect and Serve”

Governments around the world have instituted a controlling and intimidating system that recruits, trains and equipes good-hearted men and women of all religious background with lethal weapons, turning them into potential murderers, ready to end the life of anyone who “steps out of line” under the excuse that we need to be protected and that without an armed police force there would be chaos and violence.

But what they fail to tell us is that they are the ones responsible for feeding us the same violence they claim to try to “protect us” from. There would be no violence in the world if as kids we were taught at homes and in schools to love and to not judge, to be united and not divided by nationality, race, religion, etc, if we practiced gratitud, kindness and compassion towards one another, to forgive and to ask for forgiveness, to hug a tree and to love the animals we eat as much as we love our pets, to meditate and discover who we are and what we are doing here; And most of all.. there will certainly be no violence in the world if from day one we were taught that we are all ONE and that what we do to others we are doing it to our own selves.

No one is born evil or violent, we are a product of society, a final result of what we’ve been fed throughout our lifetime. Guns are designed to kill and those willing to shoot another human being and act against Creation, are only condemning themselves and will continue to be trapped in the painful wheel of Karma and Reincarnation having to face the consequences of their own actions in this life or the next one.

– Army of Light.

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