Thank You!

Thank You!

Having made it to my destination after nine months of being on the road as part of a divine journey driving from California to New York City to deliver a message to Humanity, I would like to thank all the kind souls who throughout this time have crossed my path and contributed to my journey one way or another allowing me to successfully fulfill my mission.

Cruising across many states gave me the opportunity to meet amazing people from different social, ethnic, and religious backgrounds. Through the many encounters I was able to learn valuable lessons from their experiences which contributed to my inner growth and helped shape me into the person I am today.

Understanding that nothing magically falls from the sky and that I certainly wasn’t going to get down on my knees to ask anyone for miracles as I fully acknowledged that through my own existence I was the miracle itself; I was able to overcome many self imposed limitations and learned to do things I never thought I was capable of doing as up until then, I wasn’t used to working with my hands but rather with my mind.

And there I was, my own Powerful Being, determined to create my reality by meeting the Universe half way. I was open to any opportunity that would allow me to continue my journey and fulfill my mission. I went from detailing cars to painting homes, remodeling, cutting grass, cleaning, fixing things, installing carpets, shoveling, etc.

Working on many occasions under the blazing sun for long hours while dehydrated and being exposed to all sorts of bites from insects that make you wanna rip your skin off at night due to the severe itching, has made me develop the greatest respect for anyone who makes a living doing hard labor work such as our migrant brothers and sisters who work on the fields so that we can have food on our table.

Thank you all for the many acts of kindness towards me. Thank you for your donations, for offering me a place to spend the night, for giving me food, for the cup of coffee, for the glass of water, for the plant medicine, for the wine, for the advise; But most of all thank you all sincerely for the many smiles and stories that touched and left a print in my heart.

You are all Angels and may the Universe soon multiply the blessings.

I Love You All.

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