The Mark of the Beast

Dear brother Joe Biden, You are no longer the innocent lamb you presented yourself to be during the presidential elections, but rather the wolf that many saw coming. In less than a year since you were conveniently placed in The White House, you have managed to turn the falsely proclaimed “Land of the Free” into an open dictatorship where those who oppose you are being fired, fined, jailed, segregated, confined and punished for standing up to your tyranny and oppression.

Through your “Executive Orders” and continuous abuse of power you have fulfilled another ancient prophecy and everything is rapidly falling into place. The long list of violations executed under your administration and your crimes against Humanity including the massive murder of unborn babies will soon go to trial.

You have chosen to represent Darkness and you will be judged accordingly, not by your crooked human laws but by Divine Intervention. The Law of Cause and Effect states that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction and you will find yourself ripping what you have sown. It’s called Karma and no one is above The Laws of the Universe.

Trust when we tell you that if your patience is wearing thin, ours is wearing even thinner.

                 – Army of Light.

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