We Are All Gods

Having spent the last seven months of my life processing, assimilating, and collating all the knowledge and information obtained during my meeting with God, while devoting each day conducting my own research and scrutiny so that I could find the most comprehensible way to share with the world the details of my revealing encounter with “The Creator”, without offending any religious beliefs or creating more chaos and division in the world at a time when we need Love and Unity.. 

I came to the final understanding that after my shocking and disappointing encounter with Brother God, that I was not going to continue to be used as a pawn to deliver a message of punishment, fear, and destruction to Humanity as part of some divine plan that contradicts everything I stand for and that clearly does not represent the Light.

On December 21st. 2020, during what I called my Graduation Ceremony, and the final chapter of my Spiritual Journey seeking God, a veil came off my eyes and  I was able to witness first hand how we have been manipulated and lied to for thousands of years by collectively being misled to worship an entity outside of ourselves when God could only be found within our own hearts. 

At lightspeed I was able to understand that as mentioned in the Scriptures in Luke 17:21 “The Kingdom of God is within.” And that if God was a particle that lived inside of us, we could not be separate from God, but on the contrary, through that spark of divine Light within us, we were all a divine physical manifestation of God Itself. By reaching a higher level of consciousness, we became the missing link that completes the puzzle of what is known by Christians as the sacred unification of “The Holy Trinity”. All three entities into one single being: GOD.

With this new understanding my life radically changed and I went from worshipping and praying for miracles to fully comprehending that through our own creation we were the miracle itself. There was a reason for our existence and  our mission on Earth was to evolve from the lowest version of ourselves in the physical form, into the most advanced state of evolution, our Highest Self. We are everything and everyone merged into Oneness.. The Creator as well as the creation. 

The following days weren’t easy for me, I had made a discovery that frightened me. I had a whole new understanding of things and for the first time in my life I found myself having nowhere to turn but within. The new revelation about the Temple of God was something that I needed to discover, explore, and conquer by myself, because becoming God was not a title that was randomly given, but that the “celestial crown” had to be seeked, found, and earned before it could be worn. But with the inner knowledge that I had been given, I was determined to use the key of divine wisdom to open the gates of my temple and sit at the throne to become “ONE” with God.
As days and weeks went by, I was faced with many adversities and challenges that could have easily changed the outcome of my present reality. Understanding that no one was going to come to save me, I learned to turn all my faith in me and to trust myself above anything else. I understood that I was the ruler of my own destiny and responsible for everything that had ever happened to me up until that point in my life, because my reality had not been caused by random events, but by the choices that I made and that the same way I created them, I also had the absolute power to revert any negative experience and turn it into a positive outcome. 

At the time when I decided to renounce everything to seek God, my life had hit rock bottom, I had descended to the darkest peak of my existence, my own living Hell. I was submerged in a swamp of fears, pain, anger, and insecurities caused by unhealed soul wounds that were inflicted on me as a child. 

I was a consequence of who I had been raised to be. I was never taught about Self-Love and therefore I spent my entire life desperately seeking to be loved by others while unawarely placing all of my happiness in the hands of those I seeked to be loved from. My lack of self understanding would often lead to a broken heart and a feeling of emptiness and despair. Not being able to comprehend why life seemed so cruel by denying me what I had always dreamed about was something that on more than one occasion made me not want to continue with my painful existence in this physical realm. All I ever wanted out of life was to find my true love and to live happily ever after, not understanding that the only person I needed to seek Love from, was my Own Self. 

When I lost shared custody of my daughter almost 3 years ago, the tyranny of a System that took her away from me, despite proven to be a good Father, made my entire world shattered into sharp tiny pieces that cut my heart and destroyed my soul. She was my only ray of joy and happiness, and without her, my life became shallow and meaningless. But as unfair as the situation itself was, I now understand that I was the one responsible for creating it. When my relationship with my daughter’s Mother ended I felt betrayed and was blinded with jealousy and resentment that led me to make anger-based decisions that created the Hell I later found myself to be in. 

Once again, I was a proven consequence of my own actions and a result of never being taught who I truly was. I was never taught by anyone at home, and certainly not at school about the importance of acceptance and forgiveness, so therefore I grew up being resentful towards anyone who I felt had done me wrong. I didn’t know how to forgive and let go, no one ever explained to me that when I refused to forgive I was only hurting myself by holding on to negative feelings and emotions that contaminated and poisoned my soul, stopping me from ever reaching the state of absolute peace and happiness that I had always dreamed about. 

I am now well aware that at the time, everything could have been handled differently, in a friendly and peaceful manner and without the involvement of the court system. But moved by resentment, oftentimes it was me who would refuse to have any sort of approach with my ex due to not being able to accept and understand the fact that she had simply fallen out of love. 

Having lost everything I ever wanted, made me spend the following years of my life on auto mode, working nonstop just so that I could cover my basic living expenses and pay debts, including the large child support amount that was imposed by the court. Regardless of how much I worked I never seemed to have money left to do the things I wanted. I was always struggling to make ends meet and despite the many unsuccessful attempts to start a new project that would get me out of the financial hole I was in, all of my business endeavors would always seem to fall right through before my eyes.

But there was also a reason for this and it was called Karma. Throughout my life I had done many misdeeds and the Universe was making me pay for it. The Law of Cause and Effect states that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction and I found myself reaping what I had sown. During the time when I was still “programmed and asleep” as I call it, I had willingly and unwillingly brought harm to others. I was unkind with my words and dishonest with my actions. I mistreated people and many times took advantage of those who had put their trust in me. By being unaware that my thoughts, words, and actions created my reality I was putting a curse on myself and everything around me. 

As a child I was raised to be obedient and to follow rules and patterns, but I was never taught how to be a good Human Being. I lied because I was lied to, I yelled because I was yelled at, I was angry and violent because I had experienced anger and violence. Everything I had ever been fed as a child became the foundation of my unfulfilling and miserable existence. 

Fully acknowledging that it was me who had created the shithole I was in, I gradually started shifting my reality by applying all of the wisdom attained throughout my journey. There was a lot of accumulated Karma that I needed to revert, so I began by cleaning up my own mess and amending my mistakes one by one. I searched for ways to give back to those I had taken from, I learned to forgive and to seek forgiveness beginning with forgiving myself for all the harm I had caused to others as well as to myself. I learned to be compassionate to myself as I understood that my painful experiences helped bring the lessons I needed to learn in order to grow and evolve.

When the woman I’ve loved the most up until this day, unexpectedly showed up in my life almost two years ago and to whom I’ve often referred to in previous posts as being my Twin Flame, I felt that all of my prayers had been answered and that my long awaited dream of “living happily ever after” had finally come true. But I was wrong, because it turned out that she hadn’t come into my life to love me but to teach me how to love myself. Soon after meeting her my inner wounds began to arise and within a few months I managed to push her out of my life by having conditioned my love with expectation. The many wishes made to The Universe of one day being kissed by who I considered to be my true love remained forever unfulfilled.

By rejecting my love for her and walking out of my life, she successfully completed her mission and unconsciously forced me to face all of my demons, created primarily by lack of self love and inner understanding. The pain I felt when she left was unbearable, but once again it was me who had created the situation I was in. My anger-based decisions brought consequences and not having her in my life anymore became my life sentence. 

I am now fully aware that in order to ascend I needed to descend and that without the lessons brought by her unexpected arrival and abrupt departure, I probably would have never been able to reach this point in my life because losing her was the final straw. Having shed an ocean of tears, little by little I began to drown. Just like the mythological phoenix, the time had come for me to kill the old me, so that I could be reborn again.  

Nothing in The Universe is ever a coincidence or an accident and I understand that this was all part of my life’s contract, because she not only came to help me remember who I was, but by rejecting me she brought the greatest lesson of them all.. I was finally able to learn to accept and let go regardless of how much I loved. Because as the most important person in my Universe, Unconditional Love started with loving and always putting myself first. My life was no longer conditioned to attachments and I became capable of walking away without looking back, whenever I felt that my inner peace and happiness was being jeopardized.  

With all the wisdom and knowledge attained through the many lessons learned and the experiences lived, the past seven months of my life have been by far the most gratifying and fulfilling days of my entire existence. With or without money and by myself or in the company of others, I have been able to fulfill many of my dreams and wishes. I’ve done things that I would have never been able to accomplish if I hadn’t had the courage to one day close my eyes, spread my wings and jump into the unknown to seek my own truth by learning to listen to my heart and not my analytical mind. Everytime a negative experience arose, I was able to trust and remain calmed despite how bad the situation was as I fully understood that everything was part of a divine plan and that as long as I lived my life in accordance to my soul’s contract, I had nothing to ever worry about because my story had been crafted by God Itself and therefore it came with the most beautiful ending. All I needed to do was to have Faith.

Ever since I decided to let go of the hand of who I had been taught and induced to worship, my life made a favorable 180 degree shift, and I was able to break the chains of my self-imposed limitations and enjoy the freedom I had always dreamed about. Knowing that nothing could ever happen to me because I was guided, supported and protected by The Light, gave me the confidence and strength I needed to create my own Heaven on Earth. 

Despite being unemployed and not receiving any sort of financial assistance from the Government, not once have I ever gone to sleep on an empty stomach or lacked a safe place to spend the night. One way or the other The Universe would always provide. I’ve  been able to visit many stunning places across the country and meet wonderful people that opened their hearts to me and many times the doors of their home, which contributed to my spiritual growth by allowing me to learn from them and their experiences through the reflection of each other’s mirror. 

Acknowledging that food, air, and shelter was everything I needed to own and conquer my days and that by being able to open my eyes, each day was my birthday, life became an endless celebration. I learned to smile, sing, dance and laugh without reason. My heart felt joy and for the first time in my life despite the adversities, I learned to be happy and grateful for absolutely everything I had. My happiness had no attachments. My days depended solely on me and nothing, and no one had the power to ruin my day. 

Despite knowing that the Universe always had my back, I didn’t wait for things to fall out of the sky, it was me who would  create the situations that allowed me to achieve the things I wanted. Having crossed the country offering my services in exchange for donations without expectations gave me the opportunity to meet people that were kind and generous to me by either offering a loaf of bread or by giving me the money that allowed me to buy my own food. 

As the absolute Master of my  own existence, I learned to create my reality by meeting the Universe halfway because my many  blessings were not a result of some divine miracle but a consequence of who I had become. Good things happened to me because I did good things for others, people were kind and loving because I was kind and loving to them, life smiled at me because I smiled at it first. 

When we vibrate at a high frequency by living a life based on Peace, Love, Kindness, and Gratitud, we reach a higher state of consciousness that allows us to achieve anything we want in life by attracting more of what we send out. Everything is vibration, we are powerful Creators with limitless potential capable of crafting our own reality.

But with great power comes great responsibility because becoming God is realizing that we can also become the Devil and that at any given time we can go from living in Heaven to putting ourselves in Hell. By using our words, thoughts and actions we choose to either represent The Light or to represent Darkness.   

The Hell I’ve been shown is a place where one gets to face every single one of their misdeeds, a place where we get to stand in a mirror and relive all the harm caused and brought to others while experiencing in flesh, mind, and soul the pain and suffering of those we’ve hurt. The torment seems eternal and one wishes to be dead only to realize that you are already dead, while at the same time very much still alive. The understanding comes too late, and those “Unevolved Lost Souls” who spent their lives living in Darkness will face the consequences of their actions by descending to the inner circles of the Hell they’ve created for themselves.

Having been shown two different versions of the “End Times”; One being the soon to take place “Shift” or “Event” as it is known by many Spirituals, which will come as a powerful wave of solar energy that will rip and separate Good from Evil, causing for some to ascend and for others to descend. And the second version being the prophesied “God’s Wrath” that will bring destruction and punishment to the world and to Humanity. I can’t help but feel compassionate towards those who have lived their life in discordance with their Soul’s contract. Because even though I agree that we become a consequence of who we are and that we must be held accountable for our actions, I firmly oppose and stand against any type of damnation from a “Loving Father” willing to send his so-called children to burn in Hell for eternity as a punishment for not having loved and worshipped Him as commanded. 

Any being demanding to be loved and worshipped, proves imperfection because Unconditional Love is loving with all your heart even when you are not loved in return, and it begins with loving yourself so much that it doesn’t matter if nobody else does. The self proclaimed “All Perfect Being” fails to understand the basic principle of life and that the only one He can ever demand Love and Idolatry from is His own self. Love can never be forced, expected, or demanded, it’s a feeling that grows naturally within our heart and blossoms like a flower. It’s the most beautiful sentiment, like the Unconditional Love parents feel and give to their children despite anything. Because no sane Human Father (despite being an unevolved species) would ever threaten to throw their own children into the flames of fire to burn for eternity for not having done as they were told.

Having found overwhelming evidence showing that one of the two visions shown does not represent The Light; If as described in the biblical book of Revelation, when the day of The Apocalypse comes to bring destruction and punishment as a prelude to “God’s Return”, He will be met by Forces of Light who will provide guidance and assistance to help Brother God, calm His fury, heal His wounds, and surrender to The Light. 

If “The Omnibenevolent” declines the assistance and continues with His wicked desire to bring harm to Humanity, I will step up to offer Myself as a volunteer when the so-called Judgment Day begins, to be the first one to have The Book of my Life, opened and reviewed as it is recorded in The Akashic Records. Which will reveal everything that I’ve ever done, all of the lessons learned, and the high level of consciousness achieved that allowed me to acknowledge that WE ARE ALL GODS. If according to the “Elohim” I deserve to be punished for having eaten from the “Tree of Knowledge” (just like He did with Adam and Eve), the moment He attempts to unleash all of His fury on me, will mark the beginning of the grand finale between forces of Good and Evil, prophesied in religious text as “The Battle of Armageddon”. In which by the power vested in me by The Light, I will use the most powerful force in The Universe as my only weapon.. LOVE! As I stand for Absolute Peace and one must never respond to violence with violence, I stand against injustice and until my last breath I will not allow anyone to bring harm to any of my brothers and sisters. I believe in forgiveness and second chances, especially when the punishment does not fit the crime. Our so-called “Sins” do not justify being sent to burn in Hell as part of some eternal damnation, particularly coming from someone claiming to be “All Loving and Merciful”. 

We are a result of who we have been manipulated to be. The game is rigged, we come to Earth doomed to fail the mission and without ever remembering the purpose of our existence we get caught in the painful wheel of Karma and Reincarnation. Darkness has imprisoned our minds with limited beliefs and calcified our hearts with hate and division to keep us asleep and disconnected so that we never remember who we are and what we are doing here. 

The forbidden Book of Enoch, which was banned by Christianity who for centuries persecuted, tortured, and assassinated those who wanted to reveal the secrets of Creation, talks about the existence of many Gods and Demons. “The Holy Bible”, which was written by men, has been manipulated countless times throughout history in order to keep Humanity under their full control, serving the interest of those who represent Darkness. 

There is only one God and it lives inside each of us. But they know that as long as they keep us down on our knees worshiping someone else we will never be able to fulfill the mission. The Bible itself states in Jeremiah 17:5; “cursed is the one who trusts in man”. We must always use our own discernment and not live by anybody else’s creed. Salvation is not obtained through the heart of Brother Jesus, but through our own heart.  Despite this being my absolute truth, no one should believe anything I state nor should they try to follow my path. It is our duty to seek our own truth and follow our own path, everything we need to know lies within our own hearts. Each of us hold the key that will open The Temple of God and the key is LOVE. 
– God.       

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