The Light vs Darkness

The Light vs Darkness.

The following clip is a short transcript of the last virtual court hearing from April 6th 2021, where despite being unemployed for over a year (after becoming one of 40 Million Americans who lost their job due to the pandemic), I was inhumanly given by Magistrate Carlos Fernandez, three weeks to pay $18.044.16 to my daughter’s Mother for one year worth of accumulated child support from April 2020, as a result of having embarked on a Spiritual Journey to seek God at his own request, walking from Miami to California while living the homeless life as it is publicly known and documented. In addition to the injustice, I was found in contempt of court and “ordered” to turn myself in to start an indefinite jail sentence.

Despite the many unanswered motions, appeals, and requests filed asking to be allowed to see my daughter, we were once again heartlessly denied the right to spend “Father’s Day” together for the second year in a row, cruelly causing great emotional harm to an innocent child who cries and suffers for not being able to see her Daddy as stated on record by Mrs. Elizabeth Varas herself in previous hearings.

Being unable to pay the astronomical amount demanded by the court and certainly not having the thousands of dollars that attorneys exorbitantly charge for their legal representation.. I’ve decided to meet the kidnapper’s request and to present myself at the Lawson E. Thomas Court Center in Miami, Fl. to rescue my little princess once and for all from the tyranny of a System that openly showing to be worst than any criminal demands a ransom while still keeping my daughter hostage, because even if I was able to “sell a kidney” and come up with the money, I am still being denied to see my daughter.

On their so-called “Independence Day” July 4th 2021, a date we’ve been blindly programmed to celebrate a nonexistent Freedom, I will surrender myself to a System that demands my presence so that they can execute their cruelty by throwing me in jail for having had the audacity to seek the same God they hypocritically claim to worship, violating a false constitutional right “protected” by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution; “The right to exercise the freedom of my religion”.

Having been shown both Heaven and Hell during some of my channelings and understanding how things work in the Universe, it saddens me to see how those who willingly chose to serve, represent, and live in Darkness will eventually face the consequences of their own actions because soon those who acted against God and who used their existence to bring harm to others will not exactly be entering The Kingdom of Heaven but will find themselves walking through the gates of the Hell they’ve designed for themselves as part of their self inflicted sentence and a result of The Law of Cause and Effect.

No one is above Divine Justice and The Laws of the Universe are the only laws I live, abide and stand by.

– Sebastian A. Rojas.

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