My Journey

The Mark of the Beast

Dear brother Joe Biden, You are no longer the innocent lamb you presented yourself to be during the presidential elections, but rather the wolf that many saw coming. In less than a year since you were conveniently placed in The White House, you have managed to turn the falsely proclaimed “Land of the Free” into …

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Thank You!

Thank You! Having made it to my destination after nine months of being on the road as part of a divine journey driving from California to New York City to deliver a message to Humanity, I would like to thank all the kind souls who throughout this time have crossed my path and contributed to …

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Dance like the whole Universe is watching and you don’t wanna lewn.

New York City

“When tyranny becomes law resistance becomes duty”. As of August 16th, 2021 NYC has become the first city in the U.S. to demand its citizens to provide proof of vaccination f3or many indoor activities including dining, museums, performances, fitness centers, etc. As part of a city mandate that violates the freedom of those who choose …

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