One Religion: LOVE

One Religion: LOVE.

Since ancient times Religion has been responsible for the persecution, torture, and death of millions of people. Throughout history Kingdoms and Nations have invaded, assassinated, and declared war on one another in the name of “God”.

Despite the teachings of both the Torah and Quran about “Loving one another as yourself”; The Israeli – Arab conflict in the Middle East has for centuries become an epicenter of massacre and destruction between two of the largest religions in the world over what they consider to be their “Holy Land”.

Division is the root of all Evil, there are over 4200 active religions in the world keeping us separated from living in a State of Unity. The Temple of God is not at a Synagogue or a Mosque but within our own hearts. Anyone wishing to find God, must go deep within and find Oneself first; Only then, they shall find God.

   – Army of Light.

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