The Twin Flame Reunion

The Twin Flame Reunion.

A Twin Flame is the other part of a cell that was split in two upon creation eons ago and with whom we unconsciously yearn of becoming whole again. Unlike Soulmates there is only one Twin Flame for each of us and our mission is to be reunited.

Statistic shows that 70% of all relationships end up in breakups and that in the U.S. alone one couple gets divorced every 36 seconds. According to studies some of the most commonly reported major contributors to divorce are distrust, mistreatment, infidelity, arguing, and violence.

Most relationships fail due to a lack of self understanding, we dream of finding “The One”, that perfect being with whom we’ll live happily ever after, but the sad truth is that our dream rarely comes true and instead we end up getting involved in toxic and unfulfilling relationships poisoned with feelings of possession, attachment, and expectations.

For as long as we continue seeking to be loved by someone else, the cycle will repeat itself until we are able to understand that Unconditional Love begins with loving ourselves first and that in order to attract “The One” we have to become The One.

The reunion is the final manifestation of a perfectly balanced, pure, and divine connection between two advanced souls who have fully completed their life’s mission, healed their karmic wounds and learned to love unconditionally.

The Twin Flame reunion is said to be “The most beautiful Love Story ever written in the history of the Universe”.

   – The Army of Light.

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